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Drennan Yum Yum Liquid Bait Booster IN STORE ONLY

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Drennan Yum Yum Liquid Bait Booster

Drennan Yum Yum Liquid Bait Booster is based on a special liquid krill protein which is already a well established appetite stimulant used in the big carp scene. It is a liquid food, a heavy substance that clings to the bait and is designed to slowly leak attractants, constantly drawing fish into the baited area.

Great for squirting directly onto particles, such as pellets, meat and corn. You can add it to water when preparing expander pellets or mixing groundbait. It can be used neat to cover or 'paint' a loaded method feeder, pellet feeder or PVA bag prior to casting. You can even squirt some directly into your pole pot.

Ideal for carp, F1s, crucians, tench and bream.

Available in Shellfish Extract (Natural) and Crab and Krill (Red). 100ml bottles.

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