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Drennan Loaded Crystal Waggler Floats

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Drennan Loaded Crystal Waggler Floats

Drennan Loaded Crystal Wagglers are a family of straight tubular models - ideal for shallow or clear water where the fish can be 'float shy'.

Just as buoyant as peacock quill, Drennan Loaded Crystal Wagglers are also consistent, accurate and they cast and fish well. The float capacity stated for each float is in addition to the loading of 1.5BB in the bottom of the float. As with all wagglers, they are designed to be attached bottom-end only. They can be used for all manner of species, and cast like a dream.

Available in 3 sizes:

1.0g + 1.5BB

2.0g + 1.5BB

3.0g + 1.5BB



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