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Drennan Method Bandits Carp Feeder

Drennan Method Bandits Carp Feeder

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Drennan Method Bandits - Carp Feeder (Barbless Rigs)

Drennan Method Bandits are convenient, pre-tied hook­lengths complete with hair-rigged latex bait bands and perfect for the Method feeder.

Carp Feeder Method Bandits are matched to Carp Feeder hooks in sizes 8 to 16 and with hook­length diameters from 0.22mm (8lb) down to 0.20mm (7lb).


Each hook­length is 90mm long, which we believe is the optimum length for an effective Method feeder or pellet feeder setup. The hair-rigged latex band can be used to mount a number of hook baits. It can be stretched around a hard pellet or dumb­bell boilie with the help of a Drennan Band Stretcher.


Alternatively, it can be pulled inside a soft pellet, drilled boilie or cube of meat with the help of a Drennan Pellet Band Puller.


Method Bandits are individually hand tied and, just like our already popular Carp Method Pushstop Hair Rigs, they are packed straight to avoid any chance of kinking.


Eight hooks per packet



Drennan Band Puller (See Associated Product Below)


The handy tool enables you to securely mount baits such as expander pel­lets, meat, sweet­corn and drilled boilies onto a hair-rigged latex band without rip­ping or damaging the band.

Drennan Pellet Band Stretcher 
(See Associated Product Below)


To use, simply insert the four pointed prongs inside a latex band and press the spring-loaded plunger mech­anism to open them up. The prongs will then stretch the latex band wide enough for you to insert the hook bait inside. Depress the plunger and the band will con­tract and securely grip the hook bait.

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