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ESP Tapered Shock Leaders

ESP Tapered Shock Leaders

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ESP Tapered Shock Leaders

Tapered Shock Leaders are designed for long distance casting with big leads.

15lb to 40lb.

0.37mm to 0.59mm.

3x9 meters

An advanced low stretch polymer with super slick finish.

Low friction, ultra slick surface simply flies through the rod rings. Greatly reduced stretch means that all the casting power is transmitted direct to the lead for greater distance.

When using a standard 12ft (3.66m) rod the 9 metre leader equates roughly to 3 or 4 turns on the reel spool plus the length of the rod above the reel, plus a 5 or 6ft (1.5 o 1.8m)casting drop down from the tip ring.

The Mahin knot:

1. Form overhand loop in the thin end of the tapered leader but do not fully tighten.

2. Pass mainline through this overhand loop.

3. Make 8 turns with the mainline around the leader.

4. Then make 6 turns back over the original 8 turns and pass the end through the overhand loop.

5. Lubricate knot and tighten down carefully, pulling on both leader and mainline. The tag ends can be left long so they are free to fold up and flow nicely through the rod rings.

To maximise distance and avoid “crack-offs” always position the leader knot tight against the back rim of the spool. Each subsequent turn of the leader must then be placed forward of this knot.


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