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ESP PVA Mesh Kit 32mm

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ESP PVA Mesh Kit 32mm

The larger diameter 32mm material is designed for making up less compacted, rounded bags of bait. It is therefore supplied with a flexible moulded funnel which fits securely in place over the top of the bait tube and can be removed for convenient storage.


1. The large, semi-flexible funnel can be fitted onto one side of the filler tube and stretched into position over the opposite lip. If this funnel has been distorted by long term flat packing, it can be returned to its original shape by immersion in hot water.

2. For casting accuracy, try to maintain a consistent weight of bait by filling the tube to the same level each time and twisting up the mesh to tighten each parcel into a similar size and shape. 

3. Pull off a section of mesh long enough to make a loop and pass the bait bag back through. Work this large loop down into a small neat knot. The excess mesh can be fed back onto the tube.

4. A variety of bait parcels from golf ball size upward can be produced. 32mm Mesh is ideal for larger consignments of pellets, chopped or crumbled boilies, maggots and even for catapulting bags of floating mixers out beyond their normal range.

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