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Sakuma Atlantic 510

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Sakuma Atlantic 510 Hooks

Product Description

Strong forged bronzed fine wire, chemically sharpened point, tapered ringed eye. An all time classic multi-purpose sea hook that will handle big fish in strong tides with ease. Perfect for up-tiding and rough ground shore fishing. Suitable for targeting cod, bass, ray and huss when using worm and fish baits.

  •  SIZE 1,  QTY (10),  £2.99 PER PKT
  •  SIZE 2/0,  QTY (10),  £3.25 PER PKT
  •  SIZE 4/0,  QTY (10),  £3.75 PER PKT
  •  SIZE 6/0, QTY (10),  £4.25 PER PKT

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