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Korda Lead Clips

Korda Lead Clips

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Korda Lead Clips

Product Description

A Lead Clip allows a snagged lead to pull off the rig, releasing the fish from an unseen snag or weed bed, so you land the fish rather than lose it. Extremely versatile to allow the angler  to change lead sizes quickly.

If attached to a large carp, most anglers would happily forfeit a lead if needed to land the fish.

Compatible with Size 8 Swivel. Come in a pack of 10.

Available in Gravel or Silt Colours.

The clip arm is adjusted to ensure the most consistent lead ejection when necessary. The further the tail rubber is pushed onto the serrated neck of the clip, the more force is required to eject the lead. The clip can be set to eject the lead under minimal pressure in weedy or snaggy conditions. It can also be set to eject under greater pressure for open water fishing when losing the lead is not essential.

The basic rule of the lead clip system is the lead must eject before the swivel pulls out. If the swivel comes out first the lead will never eject. Instead, the line will pull back and forth through the system like a running rig leaving the lead snagged and the fish too! If used correctly, the lead clip system will ensure a fish is not left with a lead because a line does not have to pull through anything for the lead to discharge. Use this system correctly and the lead will eject when you want it to. When the lead comes off this enables the carp to rise to the surface, allowing you to lead it over any underwater obstacles rather than having to drag it through them.

All KORDA packaging has very clear instructions on how to use products effectively. 

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