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Bungee Spongee

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Bungee Spongee

Product Description

"In a world where mucky baits rule, one sponge, defied the mess, and dared to clean. A sponge that became a legend..."

Bungee Spongee® is more than just a sponge on a string. It's a simple concept comprising a unique coloured absorbent sponge attached, using clear silicone washers, to a quality coloured bungee cord which has 100% elongation. The washers that stop the cord pulling through are made of clear silicone so will not damage any surface the sponge is used on. A hand made product with no metal components to rust.

As anglers we have all been there with a bait board, knife and hands all covered in mess, and nothing but 'the smelly rag' to clean it with!  Then there's leaning over the side of the boat with a bucket or cloth!

Instead, just clip Bungee Spongee® on the boat rail and throw the sponge over the side, to get a nice wet sponge, to cut the hassle out of cleaning. Can easily be used to clean your kit, and hands all day long - no more smelly rag!

NB. It's recommended on first use to soak the sponge in a bucket of water until it sinks, so the air trapped in the sponge will be removed, allowing it to sink when it's first put over the side.

Has a number of potential uses. The You Tube Video below shows how it can be used by the Boat Angler. Can similarly be used from the shore.


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