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Sea Angling Catch News Nov - Dec 2015

Sea Angling Catch News Nov - Dec 2015

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Cod on Eastbourne Beaches - 27th Dec 2015

Gavin Croft caught this lovely 10lb 4oz cod on Sunday off the beach at Eastbourne. The fish took a whiting. Gavin also lost a further three cod in the same session, with the fish ignoring his live bait rig and taking the whiting on his other rod. 

It seems there are still cod out there to be caught! 

WOW!! Shore Caught Conger Eel - Cooden Beach - 13th Dec 2015

Lester Kellaway had a shock today, fishing for cod with lug and squid and reeled this 21lb conger eel in!  

Conger eel is a really unusual shore catch for this area - keep the catch pics coming :)

Cod at Langney Point - 11th Dec 2015

Andy Reeves caught this lovely 7lb Cod at Langney Point on Friday night. Andy was using lugworm as bait but he thinks the fish may have taken a hooked whiting.

Catch of Cod in the Over 50s Comp - 1st Dec 2015

Tony Bush is pictured below with the 7lb 3½oz cod he caught in the Over 50s Comp held in Pevensey Bay today.

More Shore Caught Cod Pevensey Bay - 30th Nov 2015 

Pictured below is Darren Chapple with two of the three cod he caught over the weekend in Pevensey Bay, weighing 6 lb 2oz , 4 lb 8oz and 7lb 4oz. 
One fish was caught on lug and the other two on live bait whiting. We are getting regular reports at the moment of shore catches of cod all along the stretch of coast, from White Horses through to Normans Bay.

Cod, Langney Point, Eastbourne - 28th Nov 2015

Reports of good-sized cod caught off the Eastbourne/Pevensey shoreline continue. Pictured below is Antonio Santos who caught this lovely cod as a result of a couple of hours fishing last night.

Also pictured below is Bill Simms (left) and Tim Harmer, with the 4lb + cod they also both caught at Langney Point. 


Cod at Langney Point, Eastbourne - 23rd Nov 2015

Richard Taylor caught this fantastic 18lb 2oz cod last night at Langney Point, Eastbourne  on a live bait rig. Richard is pictured last night with his sons on the beach, and this morning outside Anglers Den.


Shore Caught Sole, Pevensey Bay - 19th Nov 2015

Rough weather has brought in some great FLATFISH as well as the cod - as this picture of Dennis Puttick with a 1lb 7oz sole shows.

Dennis was fishing in Pevensey Bay.



Cod at Langney Point, Eastbourne - 17th Nov 2015

Pictured are Tim Harmer (Left) with two cod to 5lb, and Bill Simms with a 7.5lb cod caught at Langney Point.


Shore Caught Thornback Ray - 14th Nov 2015

SHORE CAUGHT THORNBACK RAY, Langney Point, Eastbourne. Brett Green caught this ray in a session at Langney Point last night.The fish measured approx 50cm tip to tip, was about 7lb, and was returned alive. This is a VERY unusual catch for Eastbourne and bodes well for the future! Well done mate! good job all round. 
In the same session Brett's mate caught three cod, weighing up to 8lb - Reports of good sized local shore caught cod (most in the region of 7- 8lb) have been coming in from several customers over the weekend!


Shore Caught Cod Eastbourne - Fri 13th Nov 2015

am. Pictured below is Gavin Croft who caught 3 cod (and lost another 2) along Eastbourne Seafront last night on lugworm bait, weighed in at Anglers Den - 7lb 13oz, 7lb 4oz and 5lb 12oz. There have been a number of other reports of Cod and Bass caught from the shore over the last few days. It looks as though yesterdays unsettled weather has stirred things up a bit!

pm. Several more customers today reporting good sized local shore caught cod,(most in the region of 7-8lb)

Between Nov 2013 and Dec 2015, local  sea catch news was posted on our Sea Angling Blog, and although we now post this news on the catch pages of our increasingly popular website instead, the blogs remain live, documenting two years of local catch and competition news. 

 The Sea Angling Blog can be found at http://seablog.anglersdensussex.co.uk/  or click on the icon here