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Coarse Angling Catch News

 Coarse Angling Catch News

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Catfish Amazon Wood Fishery - 15th September 2019

Michael Carey is pictured with catfish caught on pellets at Amazon Wood over the weekend on pellets

Kevin's First Carp - Falkenvil - 25th Aug 2019

Kevin Doe sent this picture of Kevin Doe Jnr with his very first carp!! Kevin caught this 8lb common carp at Falkenvil Fishery - aka 'Mushroom Farm'.

Sussex River Fishing for Tench - 12th August 2019

Darren Chapple sent these pictures from his first time trying for tench on a local river with son Thomas.

Carp Falkenvil Fishery 'Mushroom Farm' - July 2019

Andy Lewis sent this picture of young Skye and George who were showing how it's done during a recent 3 hour session at Falkenvil Fishery, nr Hailsham, East Sussex

Furnace Brook Fishery - 14th July 2019

Catches of roach, rudd, bream and carp during a recent trip by Tom and Joshua Strudwick to Furnace Brook Fishery - 14th July 2019

Grass & Common Carp Hawkhurst - 17th June 2019

Jamie Morgan is pictured with a 24lb grass carp from a session this weekend at Hawkhurst Fishery

OPEN SEASON Carp Wallers Haven!! - 16th June 2019

It's OPEN SEASON today and we have our first picture from the riverbank!! Luke Ripley with a lovely carp from the Wallers Haven sent early this morning.

Catfish Hawkhurst Fishery - 14th June 2019

Ian Talbott is pictured with a 29lb 4oz catfish caught at Hawkhurst Fish Farm.

Carp at Falkenvil Fishery - 14th June 2019

Joseph and Xander Talbott, and Adam Hobz have sent us pictures of carp caught recently at Falkenvil Fishery, nr Hailsham

24lb Grass Carp Sharnfold Fishery - 10th May 2019

Justin Twort was surprised to catch this 24lb grass carp during a 4 hour session at Sharnfold Farm Fishery recently.

Thomas - Roach and Carp at Belfry - 4th May 2019

Thomas Chapple had a trip to Belfry Fishery with his dad Darren at the weekend and is pictured with a 1lb roach and also with a 14lb 8oz common carp.

Carp Falkenvil Fishery'Mushroom Farm' 2nd May 2019

Chris Perkins sent this picture of his dad Gary Perkins with a 31lb grass carp caught this week at Falkenvil Fishery Specimen Lake

Catfish Hawkhurst Fishery - 20th April 2019

Wayne Banfield caught this catfish recently at Hawkhurst Fish Farm - Wow.

Dylan's Carp at Amazon Wood - 31st March 2019

Young Dylan Worrell was outfishing his dad Andrew (again) at the weekend and caught this lovely carp at Amazon Fishery Polegate

43lb Catfish from Sussex Lake - 30th March 2019

Charlie Clark caught this 43lb catfish on Anglers Den mackerel fillets, from a Sussex lake.

Carp at Falkenvil (Mushroom Farm) -28th March 2019

Adam Hobz caught this lovely carp at Falkenvil Fishery (aka Mushroom Farm) 'on a method feeder with some recommended method mix

63lb Catfish Hawkhurst Fishery - 21st March 2019

Jason Platt caught this 63lb catfish during a recent session at Hawkhurst Fishery, the first fish on his new rods from Anglers Den 2¾lb t/c Nash 10ft Dwarf Rod

Pike from Local Sussex Rivers - March 2019

Mike Conway, James Parsons and James Wilkinson have sent pictures this pike season of catches from local Sussex rivers.

Joshuas 14lb Carp at Falkenvil Fishery- Feb 2019

Young Joshua Strudwick is pictured with a personal best 14lb common carp caught on corn from Faulkenvil Fishery on the match lake.

Falkenvil Fishery 'Mushroom Farm' - 28th Oct 2018

Kevin Sutton sent pictures from a day he and Declan James had on the main lake at Falkenvil Fishery

Tench River Cuckmere - October 2018

Nick Ducatel caught this lovely 4lb tench on the River Cuckmere, a new PB.

Carp at Falkenvil Fishery - September 2018

Jason Kemp and Jennie recently visited Falkenvil Fishery in Hailsham and the pair landed 20 carp ranging from 4lb to 13lb.

Mirror Carp - Southbourne Lake EMSR - Sept 2018

Ronnie Platt achieved new PBs with these mirror carp at Eastbourne Minature Steam Railway Park's Southbourne Lake, Lottbridge Drive.

Bream Pike Wallers Haven - August 2018

Matthew Telford and his children have been successful fishing the Wallers Haven (Southdown Angling) this summer holiday

Carp at Furnace Brook Fishery - 28th July 2018

Ronnie Platt with a nice 13lb grass carp caught at Furnace Brook Fishery, near Hailsham.

28lb Carp Belfry Fishery - 6th June 2018

David Tame caught this 28lb common carp at the Belfry, a new lake record!!

27lb Carp at Tanyards Fishery - May 2018

Fraser Lewis is pictured with a 27lb common carp caught earlier this week from one of the specimen lakes at Tanyards Fishery.

39lb Carp at Falkenvil 'Mushroom Farm' April 2018

Chris Perkins caught this fantastic common carp at Falkenvil Fishery on Monday - a new lake record and personal best!

Pike Wallers Haven Southdown Angling January 2018

Matt Dean is pictured with pike caught from Wallers Haven on dead bait joey mackerel

Pike Fishing Season Arlington December 2017

Steve Roberts sent pictures from fly fishing sessions at Arlington Reservoir and Wallers Haven, November, December 2017

Perch on the Pevensey Levels - 19th November 2017

Mitchell Hollebon sent this picture of a lovely perch caught on Sunday on Pevensey Levels

Carp at Amazon Wood Fishery - November 2017

Andrew Worrell sent these pictures of Dylan and Delilah who each caught a good sized carp during a recent trip to Amazon Wood Fishery,

Falkenvil Fishery Specimen Lake - 10th August 2017

James sent this picture. at 34.4lb this carp was new Specimen Lake record at Falkenvil Fishery.

Tanyard Fishery, nr Uckfield - August 2017

Kevin and Declan try Tanyard Fishery.

Tench Wallers Haven Southdown August 2017

Russell Havard sent this pic of a 4½lb tench caught last weekend on the Wallers Haven, the largest water on the Pevensey Levels, owned by Southdown Angling Association

Framfield Fishery nr Uckfield - July 2017

Kevin and Declan had an exhausting day's fishing at Framfield Fishery, nr Uckfield - great fun.

Mirror Carp Marle Green Southdown June 2017

Chris Perkins is pictured with a nice 16lb mirror carp caught at Marle Green, one of Southdown Angling Association's still waters

Grass Carp at Falkenvil - 12th June 2017

Paul Sandalls is pictured with 2 grass carp (23lb 1oz and 24lb 12oz) caught this week at Falkenvil Fishery.

Rudd and Carp at Curls Farm, Ripe - June 2017

Josh Cowley is pictured with catches of rudd and carp at Curls Farm, Ripe. Curls Farm is a still water fishery owned by Southdown Angling Association.

Falkenvil Fishery - Carp, Bream - May 2017

Kevin and Declan visited Falkenvil Fishery, Mushroom Farm and caught carp and bream - May 2017

89lb Catfish Wintons Fishery - 12th April 2017

This 89.4lb Catfish, named 'Big Bad Barry' was caught at Wintons Fishery Burgess Hill

Mirror Carp - Mushroom Farm - 25th Feb 2017

Keen carp angler Callum Morris is pictured with a 9lb mirror carp caught from Falkenvil Fishery

Matt's Perch at Rickney - 17th Feb 2017

Matt Cowley caught this lovely perch from a local river at Rickney today - Well Done Matt!

Pike Pevensey Haven, Southdown Angling - Nov 2016

James Cowley went fishing with son Josh at Pevensey Haven and the pair landed 8 pike, Parts of the Pevensey Haven are Southdown Angling Association

3lb Perch Iron Bridge Southdown Angling Oct 2016

Charlie had a great day at Iron Bridge (Wallers Haven), catching this personal best 3lb Perch.

Carp Falkenvil Fishery September 2016

Gary Perkins caught this 32lb 4oz Common Carp at the Mushroom Farm (Falkenvil Fishery).

Falkenvil Fishery September 2016

Josh and Matt had a good day's fishing at The Mushroom Farm (Falkenvil Fishery)

Roach Wallers Haven August 2016

Nigel Parks pictured with one of the six 1lb Roach caught on the Wallers Haven (Boreham Street), a Southdown Angling Association water.

Carp Furnace Brook August 2016

Catches at Furnace Brook Fishery this week included common and mirror carp, and ghost koi.

Paul and Bob 35lb Catfish Orchard Place Fm Fishery

Paul Sandalls caught this 35lb catfish a recent session at Orchard Place Farm Fishery with son Bob

Harry's Carp Amazon Wood Fishery - June 2016

Harry Spencer caught a lovely 9lb carp at Amazon Wood Fishery Polegate

Callum's Carp at Barrett's Park Farm - May 2016

Keen carp angler Callum Morris is pictured with a 18lb 2oz Common Carp

Paul Sandalls 40lb Catfish - Hawkhurst May 2016

Paul Sandalls had a fantastic day a Hawkhurst Fishery, and catches included this 40lb Catfish, and another of 30lb!

Max at Sussex Fishery with dad - May 2016

Max's great day fishing with dad in the sunshine - 8th May 2016

Carp Tanyard Fishery - April 2016

A selection of pics from weekend carp catches at Tanyard Fishery, inc mirror, ghost and common carp.

Scott's Carp - Belfry Fishery April 2016

Scott Isaacs sent us this picture of a lovely 13lb common carp caught at Belfy Fishery.

Tony King Pike - December 2015

It's pike season and Tony King caught this 25lb 6oz beauty at a local Sussex venue.

Elliott's Big Perch Belfry Fishery - 14th Nov 2015

Elliott Winterton caught a 3lb perch at Belfry Fishery.