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Anderida Beach Fishing Club, inc 2023 Dates and results.

Anderida Beach Fishing Club

                    - fortnightly beach fishing competitions, held on a weekday evening in Pevensey Bay.

Want to Join Us? - details below.

The Anderida Fishing Club is is a very friendly club organised by an elected committee and co-ordinated from Anglers Den. 

Club Competitions are held approximately fortnightly in Pevensey Bay, on a weekday in the evening (7pm to 10pm). 

Want to Join Us? - book-in at the shop at 6pm on the evening of the comp. You can fish one or two matches before deciding whether to join (membership costs £15) and you can complete a Membership Form in the shop.  It costs £10 to fish a match (£11 for non-members) - cash prizes at each comp.

2023 results - scroll down.

2023 Competition Dates


Club matches are followed by sandwiches, a drink and chance to talk fishing at the Ocean View cafe!

Club Membership costs £15 per year for seniors, £1 for juniors. Its possible to fish competitions as a non-member, paying an extra £1. There are additional club events throughout the year, eg. Annual Members-Only Comp.

If competitions are not for you, there are many cups and shields awarded to club members for species of fish caught throughout the year.

Membership of Anderida, as with any local sea or coarse fishing club membership, entitles you to 10% off your purchases in the shop (excluding bait).

For details of joining, please call into Anglers Den and complete a membership form.

Latest Anderida Competition results are posted below, as well as on the Anglers Den facebook page



2023 Match Results so far


Monday 13th November

Another great turnout for this match with 26 anglers fishing in reasonable weather, with plenty of fish caught, mainly dogfish and whiting.
The winner was Dan Wood with 18lb 8oz, including the heaviest fish and Superpool with a dogfish of 1lb 14oz.
2nd was Mark Almeida with 15lb 5oz. 3rd Colin Isaacs with 13lb 8oz. 4th Jack Wiltshire with 13lb 4oz and 5th Damion. Chant with 12lb 4½oz. The heaviest flatfish was a flounder of 9½oz for Gavin Croft .
The Championship overall is still very close. With only 3 matches to go, Mark Almeida now leads David Tame by just 3 points!!


Friday 27th October


22 anglers fished in wet conditions although not too windy.
Lots of species were caught with the winner Jamie May catching a nice bass of 3lb 12oz, plus several dogfish for a total weight of 9lb 8½oz .
2nd was Keith Hesling with 8lb 14oz. In 3rd position was Gavin Croft with 8lb 1½oz, including the biggest flatfish, a sole of 1lb 8oz.
4th was Jay Blackmar with 7lb 10½oz. The heaviest fish and super pool was a 4lb 8¼oz conger eel for Jack Wiltshire.
The overall championship is very close with only 4 matches to go and just 13 points separating the top 4!


Friday 13th October


25 anglers fished in good fishing conditions but initially the fishing was very slow, later picking up, particularly in the last hour.

Joe Plumstead won with 5 dogfish for 7lb 3½oz . 2nd was Colin Isaacs with 5 lb 13½oz. 3rd Gavin Croft with 5lb 3oz. 4th Kevin Morgan with 4lb 12½oz and 5th Mark Almeida with 4lb 12oz. 

Heaviest flat was a sole of 13oz got Jamie May and heaviest round plus super pool winner with a bass of 2 lb 13½oz was Jay Blackmar.  

The over all championship is still very close and will probably be un decided until the final match of the season. 



Thursday 28th September


21 anglers fished the comp and for some the fishing was very good. 

David Tame won the match with 10lb ½oz including a lovely bass of 6lb ½oz. Second was Gavin Croft with 9lb 2½oz including a thornback ray and a bass. 3rd was Gary Banfield with 5lb 5oz including soles, flounders and dogfish.  And 4th Jay Blackmar with 4lb 7oz .

The heaviest flatfish was a sole of 14oz for Colin Findley.  

The championship is still very close. There are with not many points separating the top 7 and with just 6 matches remaining!





Thursday 14th September

22 anglers fished in calm conditions. Fishing was slow and the winner David Tame managed a bass and a sole for 2lb 13½oz . 2nd was James Blackmar with 1lb 13½oz, 3rd Glyn Morgan and 4th Tom Killick.

The biggest fish and super pool winner was David Tame with a bass of 2lb ½oz and heaviest flat was a sole of 1lb 4½oz for James Blackmar.  



Wednesday 30th August

An excellent turnout with 29 anglers fishing, and 19 weighing in fish!

Championship positions (scroll right down) are very close!



Tuesday 15th August

A lovely calm evening saw 30 members fishing the match from Normans Bay to Sovereign Harbour.
Fishing was a bit scratchy with quite a few undersize fish being caught ie small bass and plaice, as well as some nice eels, a few sole and scad.
A sizable bass was caught by Les Glazzard, winning the super pool and heaviest round with 1lb 8½oz. The biggest flatfish was a sole for Jim Whippy with 9¾oz.
1st Kevin Morgan with scad and a sole for 3lb 14oz.
2nd Jamie May with scad and eel for 2lb 9oz .
3rd Ken Walter 2lb 2oz.
4th Les Glazzard 2lb ¾oz.
5th Jim Whippy 1lb 15oz.
Over all the championship is very close with the lead position changing hands again! Gavin Croft now leads from Mark Almeida, David Tame and Colin Isaacs - Watch This Space!!


Tuesday 1st August

26 anglers fished in slightly blustery conditions with the wind mainly along the coast. Jack Wiltshire caught a lovely sole of 1lb 9¼oz which was the biggest fish of the night and with a total weight of 3lb 2oz won him the match.

The biggest round was a dogfish of 1LB 6¼oz for Steve Kerr, along with another dogfish giving him a weight of 2lb 13oz putting him in second place overall.   

Martin Wright was 3rd with some nice eels and a plaice for 2lb 2oz and Glyn Morgan 4th with 1lb 13oz.  

The overall championship is about as close as it could possibly be, after 15 matches with 4 points separating the top 4 and 31 the top 6.



Monday 17th July

Although conditions looked ideal and 27 anglers fished the match, just 14 anglers on the night landed sizeable fish.

The winner was Martin Wright with two eels for 1lb 4¼oz, including the heaviest fish an eel of 12½oz.

With 4 of the top six anglers in the championship failing to catch this match, the championship overall is very close this year so far! 




Monday 3rd July


Monday 3rd July saw 23 anglers fishing. Colin Isaacs won with his catch including a 3lb 7oz Thornback Ray (returned alive) which was also the heaviest fish.



Friday 16th June



Friday 2nd June



Thursday 18th May

27 anglers fished in a cold north easterly wind and despite the weather some nice mixed bags of fish were caught!  Colin Isaacs was the winner with 5lb 7½oz including dogfish, dabs and flounder. 

The biggest fish was a thornback ray of 4lb 3¼oz for Gavin Croft and the biggest flat a sole of 15½oz for Les Glazzard.




Friday 5th May


24 anglers fished in slight south westerly winds. The fishing was good despite a lot of May rot!

The winner Pete Ayres managed 12 dogfish for just under 15lb. Les Glazzard caught 2 Bass including the biggest fish and was super pool winner with a bass of 2lb 13oz. Keith Hesling caught an 11½oz flounder for the biggest flat.

The Spring Cup fished over 3 matches was won by Kevin Morgan with 65 points and the runner up was Peter Ayres with 59 points.



Wednesday 19th April


26 anglers fished in a comp where nine sizeable bass were weighed in, with plenty of dogfish and several flatfish (dabs and flounder). The biggest bass was over 6lb for Ross Parsons.



Wednesday 5th April.

An incredible 34 anglers fished last Wednesday with 22 weighing in! The winner Peter Ayres fished at White Horses for dogfish including the biggest specimen of 2lb 1oz. There were also 2 lovely sole caught the biggest was a 1lb 10½oz specimen for Colin Isaacs.



Tuesday 21st March. 

27 anglers fished quite rough conditions, so fishing proved tough. The winner Tim Lane caught dogfish and dabs. Second placed Peter Fountain managed a couple of dogfish and whiting!


Tuesday 7th March

27 anglers fished but unfortunately it was cold and easterly so very few fish were caught. Two people managed 2 fish each and 5 caught just one fish. 




Monday 20th February

23 anglers fished. The nain species caught was dogfish, plus one codling and one plaice plus some whiting, dabs and ling.




Monday 6th February

21 anglers fished in scratchy conditions with the main species being dab. The winner Gary Banfield managed7 dabs and a whiting for a top weight of 2lb 12oz.



Friday 20th January

21 anglers fished with the main species being dogfish, whiting and dabs.



Friday 6th January

22 anglers fished n the first club match of the season. Conditions were not as bad as originally forecast and the fishing was good.  The winner Mark Almeida managed a fantastic weight of 27lb 7½oz. Mainly dogfish and some whiting!  Second was Colin Isaacs with 20lb 5oz, David Tame 3rd with 18lb 11½oz and Jack Wiltshire 4th with 18lb 8oz. Mainly dogfish and whiting caught with a few dabs a nice pout and a codling.



2023 Championship Positions after 22 Matches