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Jan 2023 Sea Angling Catch News Eastbourne Pevensey

Jan 2023 Sea Angling Catch News Eastbourne Pevensey

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A mix of winter species are showing on local beaches. Amongst plenty of whiting and dogfish can also be found dabs and pout, as well as the occasional cod and conger, and also the reappearance of some thornback ray :)

9th Jan 2023

More thornback ray - Well Done Jason!
Great to see reports from local anglers of ray catches again!!
Jason Scott, aka The Eastbourne Fisherman sent these pictures and reported:
'Cheers for the bluey bait lads.
Managed 2 out last night was a good session with the usual suspects of whiting and dogfish making an appearance, fun evening with wind alot lighter than predicted. A good session all in all'

5th Jan 2023

9lb 4oz Thornback Ray and an angry sea!
Thanks again Tony Wright for another great report, with more ray pictures from a local beach. Tiny reports:
'Fished a local beach Friday four hours up it was a dogfish a cast but managed four rays - 32, 34, 43 and 58 before the wind finally beat me, you know it's time to go when the sea spits a 6 oz lost rig back at your head.
58 cm ray was a fat as a pig and weighed 9lb 4 oz so well pleased with that. Bluey squid wraps doing the damaged in a angry sea.Thanks for quality bait as usal. Regards Tony Wright.'
Three species on one lucky rig:)

Thanks to Paul Chapman for this picture showing there are still plenty of fish around this January, and even the possibility of several on the same one very lucky rig! Paul reports:

'Hi guys thanks for the heads up yesterday for last nights fish nice and warm wind behind us.
Plenty of doggies whiting up to 38cm and some flatties.
Used one of your 3 hook flappers I bought yesterday and caught the lot on one rig!
Cheers Paul'

1st Jan 2023

Thornback Ray up to 9lb 10oz!
Thanks to Tony Wright for these great pictures and report from a busy session on a local beach:
'First trip out Jan 1st to local beach. Fished 1 hour up and four down resulting in 13 dogfish, four jumbo whiting best 41cm, couple of jumbo pout, and 5 rays - best one 61cm weighing 9lb 10oz - using tiny lamprey/squid wraps, bluey/squid wraps at distance doing the damage.
Went home completely soaked after running out of bait. Thanks for quality bait as usual. Regards Tony Wright'
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