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'An incredible day and nights fishing' - November 22

Barry Roberts with Conger, Bass and Small Eyed Ray - November 22

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12th November 2022
Thanks to Pete Cornwell, who reported:
'Catch report from last couple of sessions , fishing with Sala in some horrendous conditions.
Week 1 was a whiting fest, but a few pouts, dogs and bass thrown in. I also caught a conger not big but sizeable and Sala had a small codling.
Week 2 . Terrible conditions, few whiting, pouts, dogs. I had 2 codling, Sala had a nice Flounder. We both had a few bass, sala 19( 3 between 2-3lb) me 18 ( including 5 between 2-3lb)'
9th November 2022
Thanks again Barry Roberts for this photo and report:
'Fished today over high tide and had a mixture of dabs, plaice, bass and whiting and then just after high tide the reel went screaming off and the result was this gorgeous small eyed ray weighing 9lb 13oz, taken on a mackerel and lugworm wrap in about 50 yards while trying for a bass' Great to see - please keep your catch news coming!

9th November 2022

'an incredible day and nights fishing'

Barry Roberts sent these photos and a report from a session on a local beach today:
'Had a great morning fishing with my dad today, had a mixture of dogfish and whiting as well as pout, soles, strap congers and then this surprise small eyed ray at 5lb 6oz about an hour after high tide on a lug and squid wrap'
Then late in the day Barry sent more photos from another session on a local beach, reporting:
'I'm out again now and have had 2 congers, one at 12lb 8oz and another at 9lb ...topped it off with a 5lb 4oz bass last chuck too... so it's been an incredible day and nights fishing'
Great to hear!! Please keep your catch news coming!

8th November 2022

Anderida Beach Fishing Club held a beach fishing competition in Pevensey Bay. Nineteen anglers fished in windy and sometimes very wet conditions between Whitehorses and Alice’s Pipe. The winner was Colin Isaacs with mainly dogfish and a bass. Several other bass were caught as well as lots of dogfish, a codling, silver eels and the only flatfish was a plaice for Colin Findley !