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Sole, Plaice, Bass, Ray, Flounder ... and Codling - September 2022 :)

Plaice, Bass, Ray, Flounder, Sole... and Codling - September 2022 :)
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27th Sept 22
Thanks Damion Chant for these great pictures of young Logan with dover sole caught from an Eastbourne beach last night. Well done!!
26th Sept 22
So the fish may not have all been very big but nine species makes for great variety...
Jim Whippy and Glyn Morgan went fishing last night at Normans Bay and between them caught 5 codling, 4 congers, dogfish, bass, flounder, small smoothhounds, a small small-eyed ray, pout and silver eel - 9 species in total!! Jim Whippy is pictured with 3 of the 5 codling caught.
There were no sole caught, but lots of sole were caught in Eastbourne/Langney point last night!!
Great beach fishing variety continues this September!!
25th Sept 22
Local beach fishing is very good at the moment both daytime and at night. During daylight, when the water is clear there have been some good catches of plaice, flounder, and the occaisional bass.
Pictured (with fish that were returned alive) is Glyn Morgan of Anglers Den who won the Dennis Puttick Memorial Competition run by Saxons Sea Fishing Club (in aid of St Wilfrids Hospice) held in Pevensey Bay yesterday.
Glyn's catch included 5 plaice (biggest of 45cm), a 45cm bass, a nice flounder and a dab, for a total weight of 7lb 1oz.
Fishing next to Glyn was David Tame with 2 plaice (largest of 42cm) and 2 flounder who came second.
Third was Colin Everest with a codling and a flounder, and 4th was Les Glazzard with a flounder and a plaice.
All prize money was sponsored/donated, so all entry money will be donated to the charity. Many thanks to the organisers and all who took part :)
Night fishing locally is producing rays, some bass and some good dover sole from Normans Bay to Eastbourne, as well as numbers of codling. We also received this report from Michael Caffyn today:
'Thanks for the advice to fish Normans Bay on my first trip to Pevensey yesterday evening. Resulted in my first two thornback rays, a silver eel, dogfish, two codling and a pb bass of 2lb3oz. Top quality bait from you as always'.
16th Sept 22
Cliff Davison is pictured with a lovely codling caught in Eastbourne on Anglers Den fresh lugworm. Thanks Jason Scott for sending!
15th Sept 22
Thanks Rory John Purdey for these pictures of his catch of codling and bass from a session on an Eastbourne beach!
Great mixed fishing from local beaches continues this September with catches of sole, plaice, ray, conger, bass and codling all being reported in recent days. Please keep your catch news coming!
14th Sept 22
BASS, CONGER EEL, THORNBACK RAY - Great mixed September fishing from local beaches
Adam Goldie is pictured with a 5lb 12oz bass, and a 12lb 12oz conger caught last night from a local East Sussex beach, as well as Luke Ripley with a thornback ray.
On top of the regular reports of plaice, dover sole, and now also codling, this is resulting in great mixed fishing from local beaches this September! Happy Days and Tight Lines!!
13th Sept 22
The first Over 50s Beach Fishing Competition of the 2022 Winter Season took place at White Horses, Pevensey Bay yesterday with a great turn out of 25 anglers!
Plenty of flatfish were caught with 33 plaice and 22 sole, as well as a number of bass.
The winner Gerald Sargeant is pictured with his 43cm sole that won the match - great catch Gerald!!
The Over 50s weekday beach fishing competitions take place during the daytime in Pevensey Bay, and are especially for the old 'gits' (Glyn and Kev both qualify). For more information Click Here, or come and see us in the shop!
12th Sept 22
Thanks Tony Wright for pictures from a good mixed bag session on a local beach. Tony reports:
'Thanks for bait as usual, popped out to local beach, fishing lite tackle and tiny squid baits, nice to get first codling after taking up sea fishing a couple of years ago, mixed bag codling, bass, tiny Ray of some sort along with a few small sole n plaice. All good sport, regards Tony' 
11th Sept 22
Bass - First Cast for Alex!!
Alex Tsofias reports from Pevensey Bay:
'First cast 46cm beauty! Clipped rig size 1 hooks small fresh lug bait'
Well done Alex!
10th Sept 22
Jim Whippy with a 42cm codling he caught during the day today at Eastbourne Langney Point. Also see below three codlings were caught in the Anderida beach Fishing Competition last night! Also see report of 4th September :)
9th Sept 22
Anderida Beach Fishing Club held a beach fishing competition in Pevensey Bay tonight.
The sea was calm and fishing although not hectic saw some quality fish caught including some lovely dover sole and 3 codlings.
Pictured is Kevin Morgan with the biggest fish of the night, a 44cm sole of 1lb 10½oz. Well Done Kev!
Anderida is a friendly club organised by an elected committee coordinated from Anglers Den and is open to new members!
Club competitions are held approximately fortnightly in Pevensey Bay on a weekday evening (7pm til 10pm) Club matches are followed by sandwiches, a drink and a chance to talk fishing at the Ocean View Cafeo.
For more info about Anderida Click Here, or come and see us in the shop.
4th Sept 22
Local shore fishing variety with sole, plaice and bass - and in early September the mackerel are still in!! Also the arrival of some codling... :)
Thanks Luke Ripley pictured below with a nice sized DOVER SOLE from a high water session at Eastbourne. Luke reported '5 soles up to 1lb 14oz, cheers for great worm baits.'
There have been some nice DOVER SOLE being caught locally, mainly at night on small hooks, although Gary Banfield caught a 40cm specimen while fishing in Pevensey Bay the other day 🙂
There have been large catches of MACKEREL from Eastbourne and Pevensey beaches in the last couple of weeks, mainly during the day, over high water, when the sea is clear (scroll down for more mackerel fishing info).
PLAICE are still being caught in numbers during the daytime, although not all are sizeable.
BASS are starting to show from local beaches, plenty of schoolies, but some nice sizeable ones as well.
The most surprising catch report of the past couple of weeks is the arrival of some CODLING - there have been a number of sizeable ones reported from Eastbourne and Pevensey beaches! Picture added below of Luke with a codling from a local beach :)

A word about Mackerel Fishing

There have been regular reports of great mackerel fishing from local beaches through the last two weeks of August and into early September, with anglers sometimes reporting large shoals, close to the shoreline and excited scenes on busy beaches, especially at Eastbourne's Langney Point :)  This has been mainly during the day, over high water, when the sea is clear. Mackerel fishing brings great results, and so is a great way to get children try out sea angling.

Mackerel are at their best when cooked and consumed fresh and so are a favourite this time of year at garden and beach barbeques. Regular anglers also take the opportunity to fill up the freezer with mackerel for bait. A general rule is only catch what you are intending to take home - eat, freeze or give away.

Mackerel are summer visitors to UK waters who traditionally arrive off the British coastline in huge predatory shoals, not moving back to deeper waters until shorter Autumn days. When the mackerel are properly 'in', shoals can be targetted from the shore with great sucess by casting feathers and spinners.

Mackerel sometimes hunt close to the shore herding their prey into shallow water and wrecking a few minutes of carnage before dropping swiftly into deeper water to regroup before the next attack! Mackerel are celebrated for their taste, speed and power and their main summer prey includes sand eels, herring, sprats and whirebait, which make the sea's surface 'fizz'! This surface activity also acts as a magnet for flocks of opportunistic seagulls which hammer the baitfish from the skies, advertising the presence of mackerel shoals to anglers on the lookout! 

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