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May 2022 Sea Angling Catch News Eastbourne Pevensey

May 2022 Sea Angling Catch News Eastbourne Pevensey

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29th May 2022
Thanks Peter Cornwell for more great catch pictures and this report:
'Fished Eastbourne with Sala, Dave and Damien. Sea was calm and clear. Fishing yet again was very hard and slow. But I was going to get a big surprise. Fish as follows:
Dave , had bites but no hook ups , but a fantastic effort made well done mate. Although was only there for a few hours due to work commitments.
Sala - 2 X sole to 32cm
Damien - Including previous couple of nights fishing, but always managing to get lucky. 1 X sole 37cm, plus previous nights sole and smoothies (4lb 6oz)
Me - 1 X pout, 2 X plaice (31cm), 2 X bass ( 43cm), 1 X smoothie (108cm 10lb 8oz)
The smoothie was returned alive and went off like a rocket. Was also weighed via a sling and witnessed by Dave. Pics credit Damien.'
28th May 2022
Thanks Alex Tsoflias for pictures and report from a good mixed bag session in Pevensey Bay at the weekend. Alex said:
'Great evening last night
2 thornbacks, 1 bass 42cm , Loads of dog fish and
A first dover sole for me!
And a stunning smooth hound! All caught on Pevensey Bay on black lug surprisingly!' Well done - Thanks Alex for sending.
27th May 2022
Thanks Luke Ripley for these great pictures from a low water session at Beachy Head Eastbourne yesterday on Anglers Den bait.
Luke is pictured with a 13lb 6oz conger eel and two smoothhounds - of 12lb 4oz and 11lb 2oz. Good fishing Luke!
21st May 2022
Pete Cornwall is pictured with recent catches of thornback ray and smoothound - thanks Pete for sending 🙂
Dover sole and bass are also showing off local beaches in recent club competitions, alongside dogfish, place and flounder. Overall - the potential for a good mixed bag!
It appears also that the May algae bloom (the mayrot) is running it's course and will hopefully be clear as we head into June!
Thanks also Tony Wright for pictures and report from another session on an Eastbourne beach:
'Nice to get out after a couple of weeks ,no monsters but four rays, 12 dogfish and nice to see several small hounds on a flat calm night in a clearing sea is better than I expected. Thanks for bait as usual, taken on tiny squid baits at various distance. Regards Tony'
15th May 2022
Well done Filippo (9yrs) who caught this lovely bass tonight in Pevensey Bay after a visit to the shop for bait.
Thanks Jurgita for sending :)
13th May 2022
David Tame is pictured with a 3lb 2oz bass caught during the Anderida Beach Fishing Club Competition held in Pevensey Bay. Great to see - well done David!
8th May 2022
When Your Luck's In - Another Blonde amongst the Rays - Eastbourne
Thanks again Tony Wright who fished last night at a new mark at a Eastbourne beach. Tony said:
'started off getting absolutely done by crabs every cast on bluey baits so switched over to tiny squid wrapps which seemed to avoid the crabs better, landing 5 rays and 9 doggies. Rays were 55cm, 52, 48, 47 and 45'
The 47cm looks like a blonde ray, due to the larger white spots in amongst smaller dark spots. This is the second blonde ray we have seen off a local beach in recent weeks, which is great news!
Tony said '...so turned out a good session, nice to catch a new species of ray!'
Great fishing as always. Thanks very much for sending Tony!
7th May 2022
Thanks Ed Holyoake who sent this picture of a PB Conger eel caught from a local Rock mark. Nice one Ed!
1st May 2022
Thanks Chris Voller for this report and pictures:
'Hi guys, hope you’re all well. Plenty of ray showing up in Pevensey. These were the 3 biggest of 7 ray caught Sunday night to small herring baits, up to 6lb 13oz, amongst a few dogs, and large pout'
Great to see!
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