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April 2022 Sea Angling Catch News Eastbourne Pevensey

April 2022 Sea Angling Catch News Eastbourne Pevensey

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28th April 2022
Another great report, mixed bag fishing from Pete Cornwell:
'Catch report from Friday night, fished with Sala. Fished Eastbourne. Sea was calm with a slight swell, however mayrot made the tide run ridiculously strong. Fish as follows....
Sala - 12 X dogfish, 2 X whiting, 1 X flounder (28cm), 1 X plaice, 3 X sole (35cm), 1 X eel, 2 X pout.
Me - 8 X dogfish, 6 X whiting, 1 X dab, 1 X bass (42cm), 2 X ray (4lb).'
Thanks Pete!

28th April 2022

17lb Blonde Ray - Langney Point!!

Thanks Andy Smith for these great pictures and report:

'Hi guys We had a night session at Langley point Thursday night(28th April)we had a mixed bag of fish,whiting,dogfish & couple nice thornbacks & just on stroke of high tide had a cracking bite then slack lined,grabbed the rod & rod was thumping,15 minutes later beached a big ray,at first thought, I thought landed a PB Thornback but took closer look & believe it to be a Blonde ray,we weighed it & come in at 17lb,took few picture & video & released it back,never caught one before so was a very good nights fishing!!!'

The fish was returned alive.
Blonde rays are a rare catch at this destination, in fact on this stretch of coast, and the first we are aware of - great to see! Well done Andy!!

23rd April 2022

Anglers Den's own Ollie Franks got his name on the April Specimen Hunt board by catching this 1lb 1oz plaice first cast down on the beach at Pevensey Bay after working in the shop - well done Ollie!

23rd April 2022
Thanks Mark Robins, new to beach fishing, for this picture and report of a good sized bass (23inch, that's 58cm!!) caught:
'In front of Pevensey Bay caravan park Saturday really windy conditions didn’t weigh but 23 inches on high tide great session for me as new to beach fishing. Had 2 plaice 4 doggies whiting and a flounder thanks for all your help'
Good to hear your session went so well Mark - thanks for sending :)
22nd April 2022
Thanks again to Tony Wright who sent these pictures and report. Tony said:
'Thanks for the bait Friday as usual, pleased with four rays amongst the dogs this weekend, and possibly the luckiest sole, coughed up still alive by one of the rays'
That's one very lucky little fish...!

20th April 2022

Andy Reeves is pictured with the 3lb 15¼oz bass caught from an Eastbourne beach, that has got him on the April Specimen Hunt board for biggest bass (so far!!). Well done Andy :)


19th April 2022

Thanks Tony Wright for this report, and pictures from a session on Monday:
'Nice to get out fishing after a couple of weeks, fished hour up two hours down plenty of dogs but happy to catch couple of rays, one possible small eye? ,as it was completely smooth apart from tail, taken on bluey heads at range'
The second ray does look a littie unusual - a possible cross/hybrid between a thornback and another ray, but also not clearly fitting with small eyed ray markings?
Very interesting - Thanks for sending Tony!


17th April 2022

So after weeks of dogfish and whiting with the odd plaice, finally a change..
Fished Eastbourne Sunday night, with Sala. Sea was calm fairly clear. Fish as follows....
Sala....15 X dogfish, 7 X whiting, 1 X plaice, 1 X bass
Me....,25 X dogfish, 2 X plaice (30cm), 1 X dab, 1 X flounder, 1 X smoothie pup, 1 X ray ( 5lb 13oz) and lost a much bigger one'

Great to see such a VARIETY OF FISH!! Well Done :)


3rd April 2022

Thanks Tony Wright for these pictures and report - the 54cm ray catch has got Tony on the April Specimen Hunt board for biggest ray (so far!!) Tony reported:
'quick three hours fishing last night which is rare for me fishing on a Saturday ,fished top on tide ,down ,resulting in 6 dogs ,a few whiting and a 52 cm and 54 cm Ray taken on squid and bluey wraps at local Eastbourne beach, pleased with result. thanks'
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