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March 2022 Sea Angling Catch News Eastbourne Pevensey

March 2022 Shore Catch News Eastbourne Pevensey 

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30th March 2022
Anderida Beach Fishing Club held a competition in Pevensey Bay last night with 24 anglers fishing. A good mixed bag of fish were caught, including plaice, dab, flounders, dogfish, whiting and bass.
Dave Burton is pictured with a 9lb 2½oz bass, a new Anderida Club record that won him the competition!! Dave also had 3 dogfish.
Well done Dave :)
Anderida Fishing Club is is a very friendly club organised by an elected committee and co-ordinated from Anglers Den.
Club Competitions are held approximately fortnightly in Pevensey Bay, on a weekday in the evening (7pm to 10pm). More info Click Here

29th March 2022

Thanks Andy Smith for this photo and report:

'Hi guys
Had a nights fishing in Eastbourne on Tuesday with my son Tyler Smith,he’s been trying to catch his first Thornback ray for some time now & it looked like the wait may go on longer but as we were starting to pack away he got a slack line bite & reeled in his first ever Thornback ray at 6.2lb,to say he was happy was an understatement!!thanks for the top bluey bait.'

17th March 2022

Anderida Beach Fishing Club held an evening competition in Pevensey Bay when a good variety of fish were caught, and plenty of them - mainly Dogfish, dab, plaice, flounder as well as the odd sole and a sizeable bass :) Happy days!

16th March 2022

Thanks Pete Cornwell for more local catch photos from a session on an Eastbourne beach on Monday.
Pete fished with friends Sala and Damien and said:
'..calm day, calm sea, sunny at times. Sticky lug was bait as really short tides. Fish as follows.....
Sala....1 X whiting, 9 X plaice to 33cm
Damien...5 X plaice to 29cm, Recovery group (earlier fishing)..1 plaice (29cm), 1 dogfish
Me ...22 X plaice ( including 4 at 33cm)'
6th March 2022
Thanks Pete Cornwell, one of five local anglers fishing for plaice from an Eastbourne beach last night, for these pictures and report:
'Catch report from Saturday, fished with Sala, Damien, Jason Scott and Stuart Draper . Was a very cold day with light drizzle in a northerly breeze. Sea was dirty but Cleared over high tide. I would like to say well done to all that fished and well done to Damien his casting has improved big time. We used a mixture of old and fresh lug but fresh definitely out fished the older lug. Jason Scott has done his own report. Well done jason.. Sorry if I miss anything, Plaice was the target, fish as follows....
Stuart.... 5 X plaice to 33cm, 1 X whiting
Sala...... 5 X plaice to 31cm, 1 X dab, 1 X whiting
Damien..6 X plaice to 31cm, 2 X dabs
Me........ 32 X plaice to 37cm (average 29cm), 6 X whiting, 2 X dabs, 1 X dogfish'
4th March 2022
Thanks Tony Wright for sending this picture and report:
'four hour session at a local Eastbourne beach was totally dominated by landing eighteen dog fish, did managed four small plaice, last cast tiny bluey fished at distance as they tide was slipping away produced this 48 cm Ray went home knackered thanks for the bait as usual.'
Great to see - Thanks for sending!

3rd March 2022

Well done Jason Carter who landed these two thornback rays 1st and 2nd cast after the Anderida Beach Fishing Club Competition held in Pevensey Bay had ended this evening (a match in which no rays were caught!). Thanks for sending Jason :)


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