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February 2022 Sea Angling Catch News Eastbourne Pevensey

February 2022 Shore Catch News Eastbourne Pevensey 

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28th Feb 2022


Gary Banfield is pictured with an 8lb conger eel caught last night from an Eastbourne beach. Great to see - well done Gary :)
Glyn Morgan is also pictured with a 8lb 8oz thornback ray (56cm) caught on bluey and squid cocktail. The pair were night fishing with Les Glazzard and Tim Lane. and a number of dogfish were also caught. Glyn also had a second ray of 42cm and Gary Banfield also had some plaice earlier in the afternoon (he does likes to get there early )

26th Feb 2022

Thanks Tony Wright pictured with this 56cm thornback ray from a three hour session at a local Eastbourne beach this morning.

Great to see - thanks for sending Tony!

20th Feb 2022

Thanks Jay Blackmar for this picture - Jay said:

'New pb ray for me last night 8lb 12oz caught on an Eastbourne beach on bluey and squid wrap on a pully rig'  Good to see :)

17th Feb 2022


Jay Blackmar won the Anderida Beach Fishing Club Competition held in Pevensey Bay with this 135cm conger eel (chart converts this as being in excess of 18lb!) The comp was fished by 21 anglers, with plenty of species caught including dogfish, plaice, rays and conger eel.

Anderida Beach Fishing Club is a very friendly club and holds fortnightly beach fishing competitions on weekday evenings in Pevensey Bay. Anderida is open to new members - more details Click Here



Great to see so many catches of rays and conger eel from local beaches - Thanks Jason Scott for these pictures.
Jason said:'Couple of rays and a pb eel last night on a local beach Cheers for the blueys' Well done Jason!

16th Feb 2022

Pictured below are Ail and Andy who caught these two rays, as well as ten dogfish at Langney Point on bluey and squid bait from Anglers Den.
Ali's first catch of ray was all the more special as was landed on the new rod Andy bought her for Valentines Day and
she even did a dance for joy once it was landed! Great result, and great pictures!! Well Done to you both - and thank you very much for sending!!


6th Feb 2022

Thanks very much Peter Cornwell for this report
' ....fished Sunday night Pevensey Bay, with Sala and Damien.
Was windy to start, but by morning was calm and frosty, sea was dirty with a nice swell. With no ray reports in the previous day's my hopes were low but, was also trying for a flounder. Fish as follows......
Sala - 6 X dogfish, 4 X whiting
Damien - 1 X dab, 2 X dogfish
Me - 2 X dabs to 27cm, 15 X whiting, 4 X dogfish
6 X rays... 1 undersize, 5lb 8oZ, 5lb 4oZ, 5lb, 4lb 8oz, 4lb'
Thanks Tony Wright for these pictures from the weekend when the unsettled weather seems to have stirred things up a bit!
In a quick 2 hour session 'in horrendous conditions' , Tony caught an 18lb PB conger eel from an Eastbourne beach, as well as 4 rays and 3 dogfish. All taken on bluey bait from Anglers Den. Well done Tony - great to hear!!
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