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October 21 Eastbourne/ Pevensey Shore Catches

October 2021 Eastbourne/Pevensey Shore Catch News

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29th October 21

Thanks Peter Cornwell for this catch report. Pete reported
' very breezy night with spaghetti weed , sea dirty. Fished pier end of Eastbourne. My target was the bass.
Fish as follows.. 1 X sole 32cm, 1 X eel, 1 X plaice, 13 X bass.....10 sizeable ranging from 45 cm to 55cm 3lb 8oz'.
Thanks Pete!!
24th October 21
Sala is pictured with a 7lb 8½oz bass, a new PB by a crucial ½oz!     
Peter Cornwall and Sala had several bass during this trip, as well as some nice sole. 

Thanks Damion Chant for this great picture of young Logan with a catch of flounder from the weekend that won him junior 2nd place in the Twitchy Tips angling comp!! Lovely picture!

Also pictured is Damion with a catch of coalfish from the same comp. Thanks Damion :)


17th October 21

Ash Cornish is pictured with a great bass caught on mackerel from a Pevensey beach at the weekend, one of many great bass catches we are hearing about at the moment. Well done - thanks for sending Ash.

Pete Cornwell is also pictured with a 5lb 4oz bass from an Eastbourne beach. Great to see :) Thanks Pete!

Harvey Shelley is also pictured below with a 1lb10oz/43cm dover sole, Harvey said 'so very happy and a new record for me...Thanks for bait once again!'

Great picture - Thanks Harvey!

16th October 21 

Thanks Andy Reeves for a great report and pictures from his recent week off work spent fishing Eastbourne beaches!
'Hi Guys Just to say a big thanks to you all at the shop for your invaluable help and advice this week which has brought numerous sizeable sole, dabs, codling (only one admittedly but let’s hope more soon) and some exceptional bass! A true lifetime experience.
Bass sizes were 10lb 5oz, 7lb 10oz, 6lb 14oz, 3lb 4oz and 2lb.'
Andy has also mastered the art of selfies on a timer - Nice one Andy!!

8th October 21

Thanks Tony Wright for these pictures from a session on a local beach. Tony said:
'plenty of sole,bass nothing massive but topped by these four fish.'
Thanks for sending Tony, good to see :)


7th October 21
Shore catches in the last week have been exceptional for large fish and also for a good variety of species.
Catches have included large numbers of dover sole, dab, flounder and large numbers of dogfish,as well as plaice during daylight hours.
There have also been some NOTABLE LARGE SPECIES which have included a 12lb conger eel caught by Paul King during the Anderida Beach Fishing Comp last Tuesday night and a 10lb bullhuss - another very unusual species starting to appear, with this one being caught by Dan Wood in the Twitchy Tips Competition this week. There have also been plenty of thornback ray and good sized bass, the largest of the bass from a local beach being a 11lb 8oz caught by Darren Chapple this week.
For day fishing the best species to target is plaice from the deeper end of Pevensey Bay through Langney Point into Eastbourne. Best bait for these is lugworm or ragworm, tipped with squid strip to tempt the bigger species. Best time to fish for plaice is two hours before to three hours after high tide.
For night fishing for sole from the deeper end of Pevensey Bay through Langney Point into Eastbourne, lug and rag is best bait fished on small hooks (size 2 or smaller) and these can be caught at all states of the tide but best best time is two hours either side of high water. Night fishing for the bigger specimen fish use big fish or squid baits for rays, bass or conger eel on large hooked Pulley Pennel Rigs.
Mathew Love is pictured with a recent catch of sole and said:
'I'm really enjoying targetting sole this year from our local beaches.
I managed 3 lastnight along with 3 flounder, 2 dabs, 1 plaice and a pout. Great to get amongst a variety of different species.'
Happy Days:)
5th Oct 2021
Paul King is pictured with a 12lb conger eel caught during the Anderida Beach Fishing Comp in Pevensey Bay!

1st Oct 2021

The first of the Autumn storms has started to produce quality fish from local beaches.

Thanks Jason Scott who caught this new PB Conger Eel from a local beach last night! Well deserved Jason!!


Tony Wright is pictured with a nice thornback ray from a local beach, reporting:

'Thanks for the bait yesterday afternoon, hindered by weed but - best fish of a mixed bag of plaice, dogfish, small hounds and Ray fell to a bluey head at distance'. Good session Tony!


Darren Chapple reported 11 fish over two sessions on a local beach with catches of bass, the biggest of which 11lb 8oz, and also a conger eel of 10lb! Well done Darren :)



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