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Jan - March 2021 Sea Angling Catch News

Jan - March 2021 Sea Angling Catch News
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30th March 2021
Thanks Mark Saxby for these great pictures and report this week. Well done Mark on your fist catch of Thornback Ray! Mark said:
'Got my first ever thornback last night in Eastbourne then followed my my second one also got a dogfish one ray was 37cm other one was 39cm'
16th March 2021
Thanks Peter Cornwell for another catch report and photo:
'Catch report from the flooding tide last night. Can't wait till we can do all night fishing again. Windy and showery but not to cold. Fished with Sala but following social distancing rules. Fish as follows:
Sala -10 X whiting, 6 X rockling
Me -15 X whiting, 6 X rockling, 2 X dogfish, 1 X plaice - 28cm, 2 X ray - 42cm, 52cm'
10th March 2021
Thanks Michael Moule who fished at Langney Point last night and reported:
'had 7 plaice caught on 4 day old lug and lug tipped with squid biggest 2 going 38cm 1lb 1oz each'.
9th March 2021
Thanks Peter Cornwell for this catch report from the weekend:
'Fished Eastbourne,started off breezy , water was dirty but cleared through the day, breeze also calmed down. Small tide so knew it would be hard work, but done ok in the end. Friend Sala was also fishing but at a distance due to rules. Fish as follows
Sala - 1 X flounder 27cm, 2 X rockling, 1 X whiting , 4 X plaice - small
Me -1 X dab, 1 X whiting, 17 X plaice - small to 33cm - 9 sizeable'
Eastbourne Kayak Fishing
Garry Willis sent pictures from 'two short sessions of Eastbourne on the kayak, fishing close to the shore, I landed approximately 40 plaice, best two going 43cm.' Thanks for sending Garry.
4th March 2021 
THORNBACK RAYS FROM EASTBOURNE BEACHES!! Regular reports continue of thornback rays from local beaches!
Ollie Franks is pictured with a 4lb 8oz ray caught from an Eastbourne beach on bluey bait - Well Done Ollie!
Also pictured is Kevin Morgan looking very pleased with a 9lb 8oz thornback ray caught from an Eastbourne beach last night on bluey bait - Well Done Kev!
28th Feb 2021
Thanks Matthew Burton for these lovely pictures and report:
'Sophie Burton fished locally in Eastbourne caught lots of plaice using lug worm biggest measuring 41cm very chuffed for her'
Well done Sophie!!
Thanks also to Jason Scott for these fab pictures from a fishing trip today with his daughter Olivia which resulted in a total of 14 plaice between them up to 37cm biggest !!
Jason's verdict: 'Awesome day'
It certainly looks like it - Thanks for sending Jason! Happy family memories!
Pete Cornwell is pictured with two of the TWENTY EIGHT PLAICE caught from an Eastbourne beach yesterday. Pete said 'What a lovely day, expected plaice but wow what a day...'
Thanks again Pete - keep the catch news coming!
26th Feb 2021
There have been plenty of plaice caught this week from local beaches. Thanks Matthew Gifford for this report from a session on a local beach today:
'Another good plaice session today at Langney Point in Eastbourne. 8 Plaice with biggest going 40cm'.
Young Darcey Gifford is pictured with two caught on a beach fishing trip with dad.
Well done Darcey!!
24th Feb 2021
Luke Ripley is pictured with the four thornback rays caught last night at Langney Point, Eastbourne, the biggest of which was 8lb 2oz, all on Anglers Den bluey bait.
Well done Luke! Great to see - keep your catch news coming :)
22nd Feb 2021
Thanks Peter Cornwell for this report from yesterday:
'Fished Eastbourne and what a day, considering such small tides. Some really nice weather to go with it to. Fished with mate Sala but because of rules, he was some distance away from me. Fish as follows......
Sala had 6 plaice to 32cm 1 dab, a few whiting and rockling..
Me- 6 X plaice including a 27,28,29 and 36cm, 1 X dab, 10 X whiting, 1 X ray 52 6-7lb'
Great pictures as always Pete! In Spring sunshine too, great to see!!
6th Feb 2021
Well done  to Kevin Morgan for this 8lb/56cm Thornback Ray caught from a local beach in the early hours of this morning on bluey bait. Great picture Kev!! A number of ray catches have been reported from local beaches over recent days.
Peter Cornwell is also pictured with a lovely plaice caught yesterday at Eastbourne, where he reports it was sunny with the odd shower, feeling very warm at times with a calm sea. Thanks Pete for sending.
31st Jan 2021
Great to see, thornback ray from local beach. Thanks Lorcan:
'Targeting early plaice down at Langney Point, catching a thornie instead on a size 1 Lug and Squid tip'