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November 2020 Sea Angling Catch News

November 2020 Sea Catch News
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3rd November 2020
The late October storms have bought many specimen fish to feed close to the shore with reports of bass, whiting, dover sole, ray, dogfish and conger eels. Bring it on!
Luke Ripley sent this picture of a lovely 5lb 3oz bass caught last on a low water session at Eastbourne. Great catch and picture - Thanks Luke.
Thanks Jay Blackmar for these great pictures from a session on a local beach this week:
'I had a good night 2 congers my first ever off the beach first one was a 105cm then at high tide the beast came along at 126cm' Great to hear!
5th November 2020
Ryan Mayall is pictured with a 9lb 3oz/59cm ray from a local beach - nice one Ryan!
12th November 2020
A 2lb 9¼oz whiting was caught at Langney Point, Eastbourne - a new Anderida Beach Fishing Club record for Steve Kerr - Well done Steve!
13th November 2020
Paul Sandalls us pictured with a 7lb 4oz ray caught at Langney Point, Eastbourne on Anglers Den squid. Nice one Paul!
14th November 2020
Another monster conger eel for Jay Blackmar from a local beach last night - this one at 128cm. Well done!!
15th November 2020
Thanks Pete Cornwell for this report and pictures:
'Catch report from Friday night. Calm dry start, very windy wet end. Fished Eastbourne with Sala. Fish as follows.
Sala... 6 X bass -38cm 1 X dab 3 X pout 15 + whiting 1 X silver eel
Me.... 15 + whiting 2 X bass - 47cm 3 X pout 1 X dogfish - 61cm 1 X Conger eel 1 X ray - 58 cm (8lb 2oz)'
Keep the catch news coming :)
17th November 2020
Les Glazzard and Gary Banfield are pictured below with conger eels caught at White Horses, Pevensey Bay this morning. Les's eel weighed in at 11lb 2oz! Well done to you both!!
18th November 2020
Luke Ripley is picrured below with a 6lb 8oz bass caught from an Eastbourne beach. Thanks for sending Luke.
There are plenty of reports of bass and ray being caught from local beaches, along with the congers eels of course which are also now being caught in daylight. Some nice dabs are also starting to show :) 
22nd November 2020
Boat Angling Catch News - Eastbourne Sovereign Harbour
Thanks Stewart Curtis for this great picture and report:
'Had a great day fishing Sunday with Pete Lavington on our boat ‘Indio 2’ out of Sovereign Harbour. We started down east catching thick plaice, doggies, gurnard and a nice thorn back ray (all caught on Anglers Den lug) and finished the session on the Horse catching bass and pollack. These two beauties were a bonus with the bass 3.5 lb and the pollack 10.5lb.'
28th November 2020
Thanks Barry Roberts for this report and picture:
'Morning guys. I had a fantastic night fishing up white horses, after 3 hours of nothing but whiting the beasts came out to play. Had a big bite but missed it and pulled in a rather sorry looking whiting. less than 10 mins later whilst baiting up the other rod I saw my line come slack and after a nearly 15 minute battle I landed the biggest fish I've ever caught from beach, boat or lake, a 21lb 5oz conger eel that was almost as long as I am tall. I got lucky because he hit a whiting up the line and ended up with the hook perfectly in his bottom jaw where he couldn't bite through the trace and then about an hour later I had a second one at 9lb 1oz on a lump of mackerel. Definitely made up for a lot of lost fishing time this year'
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