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October 2020 Sea Angling Catch News

October 2020 Sea Catch News
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There are conger eel, bass, plaice and the occaisional codling to be found amongst the whiting!!
10th October 2020
James Wood is pictured with a nice 110cm conger eel from a local beach. James said :
'a good nights fishing had 2 congers, a 30cm pout and of course whiting in full force, haha!'
Great picture - thanks James!
Thanks Pete Cornwell for this catch report which shows that there are good sizeable fish to be had, in this case bass, amongst the whiting! 
Pete reported:
'dry, cold night with very little wind. Very small tide. Fished with my good friends Dave and Sala. Fish as follows....
- Sala - 1x plaice 24cm, 50+ whiting, 1 x bass 47cm.
- Dave - 1 x bass 42cm, 30+ whiting.
- Me - 60+ whiting, 1 x plaice 27cm, 1 x bass 54 cm/3lb 12oz, 1 x mackerel.'
14th October 2020
Colin Voller is pictured with a lovely autumn plaice caught from Seaford. Chris Voller said:
'Hi guys, there’s plenty of autumn plaice about at the moment. I was privileged to photograph dad (Colin voller) with this absolute beast at 2lb 12oz'
Great to see - Well Done Colin! Thanks Chris for sending!
Well Done also to Mark Saxby with this 73cm bass caught today at Hastings - thanks Mark for letting us know!
16th October 2020
Thanks Danny May for this picture of dad James May with a lovely Codling caught yesterday evening at White Horses, Pevensey Bay on Anglers Den Lugworm bait. This is one of several codling reported caught from Eastbourne and Seaford beaches over recent days and on big tides!
17th October 2020
Thanks to Pete Cornwell for this catch report from Saturday night,
'calm dry night, big tide, fished Eastbourne. Fished with Sala, Fish as follows...
Sala.. plaice x2 - 26cm, sole x2 - 30cm, whiting - 40+
Me - Bass x1 - 48cm/2lb 8oz, whiting 50+' Thanks Pete, good to know there are still quality fish to be had!
18th October 2020
Kim McGreevy is pictured with a 47cm, 2lb 4oz plaice caught at Langney Point, Eastbourne this morning, one of several caught from local beaches over recent days. Well done Kim - great to see!!
18th October 2020
Thanks also to Jason Scott for these great pictures from an early session today
'6am this morning on the reef for me and Matt and Jan. Managed couple of fish each. Was Good fun'
19th October 2020
Thanks Chris Voller for this picture and report:
'Fished a couple of hours over high last night at Bexhill just live baiting whiting on stinger rigs. Did pay off in the end with a 4lb plus fish that took a 4inch whiting.' Great to see!
31st October 2020
Another great report and picture, thanks to Pete Cornwell:
'Catch report, from a very damp, windy night . Fished Friday with fishing bud Sala on a 7.0m tide, fish as follows....
Sala... 20 + whiting, 2 X sole -28cm, 1 X plaice, 1 X silver eel- 1lb 8oz, 3 X bass including 2 X 43cm, 1 X pout.
Me......30 X whiting, 6 X bass- 38cm, 1 X pout- 26cm, 2 X dogfish - 1lb 5oz, 1 X ray - 7lb.'
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