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June 2020 Sea Catch News - #WeAreFishing Again!!

June 2020 Sea Catch News

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1st June

First Species Catch - Thanks Leah Foster for sending this picture of her first dover sole - caught on 1st June in Pevensey Bay on lugworm bait. Thanks Leah, that's a whopper!!

Matthew Burton also sent these pictures from a session on an Eastbourne beach with his daughter using new tackle and bait bought at the shop. Matthew said
'the bait was great and we had a great night including her first ever smoothound she is hooked thank you so much!'

Jason Scott sums up that feeling of the catch, with this great picture and report sent 3rd June:

'It’s hard to explain to people who don’t fish what it’s like !!!!

Spending hours on the beach waiting for the one big fish is so addictive

This one wasn’t even big for its species but to me it was the monster I had been looking for for a long time !

Ever since I caught my first big bass I have been chasing that big fish ! Then when I had my ray I had been searching for for what seemed like forever ! I got one.

Now a nice early smoothound not the biggest but it still put up a good scrap.

Constantly chasing the big fish

That’s why it’s so addictive and makes you want more and more ! The never knowing when that fish will take your bait.

Last night was awesome ?'

Well Done, and Thanks for sending Jason!!


Piers Foster is also pictures below with a smoothound caught with his new rod, from Bexhill beach! Nice one - Thanks Piers.

13th June

Local angler Harvey Shelley went fishing from a local beach in the early hours and sent this great picture!
As anglers we know how fishing, this naturally self-isolating activity lets you unwind and instills a sense of calm, and pictures like this one capture just that!
Apparently that's Jupiter and Saturn visible in the middle of the sky! 

Harvey is also pictured with this 37cm gurnard caught from from a local Eastbourne beach. Thanks for sending Harvey!


15th June

Les Glazzard is pictured with a smoothound of 6lb 12oz, a personal best!
Caught this week from a local beach on hermit crab. Great picture - well done Les!
Callum Packer also sent these pictures of smoothound catches from Langney Point, Eastbourne earlier this week 'using crab on a pulley pennel just after 2 hours down from high tide' Thanks Callum!!
16th June
Anglers Den's own Ollie Franks is pictured with dad Mark on Tuesday evening when Ollie was testing his new rod received that day for his 16th Birthday - hope you had a HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ollie!
With four smoothounds caught between them ranging from 85cm to 104cm, Ollie is pictured with the largest (approx 12lb) and dad Mark with a 96cm hound. Well Done!
17th June  

Harvey Shelley sent us these great pictures saying

'probably one of my best evenings fishing with my good mate Lewis Wilson! We both fished from low tide all the way up to a hour after this evening. I had four small plaice upto 24cm. Also a surprising catch being a bream of 24cm and a real special sole going across the rule to 39.5 cm!' Great fishing - Thanks Harvey!!

And Lewis Wilson sent this:

'Using your super lug all eve, was into the small plaice but managed to pull this lovely Black Bream which went round to 1lb 3oz!!! A definite PB for me!' Thanks Lewis!

And the news of great smoothound catches just keeps coming - this one from Dan Jameson this week weighing in at 7lb 2 on a Pulley Rig on Crab. Thanks Dan!

18th June

The smoothounds are getting bigger!! Trevor Rooney sent this great picture and report:

'Oooh there getting bigger ! ! . . . . . this was the best of two hounds last evening at 8 lbs 12 ozs.
Crab on a pennell rig was used, fishing near the Bandstand'. Thanks Trevor!!

AND EVEN BIGGER... Thanks Michael Moule for these pictures of Heather Moule with a 9lb 7oz smoothound caught from a local beach on frozen soft backs. Nice One Heather - Well Done!


20th June
Many thanks to Katherine Dean for this great picture of her 6year old daughter with a lovely bass, her first ever fish!!
Great to see - thanks Katherine for sending!
22nd June
Thanks again to Peter Cornwell for a great catch report and pictures:
'Catch report from last night, fished Eastbourne area, windy start but soon dropped off. What a lovely stary night. Fishing wise for me alot better than my previous session. Fishing with fishing buddy Sala.
Fish for Sala - 2x bass......small, 2xpout.....small
Fish for me - 5x bass.... Including a 43,44cm
2x eel...... Small
2x pout..... 28cm
1x smoothie..... 4lb, lost another.'
Thanks Pete!!
26th June
Peter Cornwell is pictured with smoothound catches. Thanks Pete for the pictures and report!
'So quick report from last night. Fished Eastbourne area, with increasing breeze and early morning rain. Fished with fishing buddy sala.
So as follows.....
5x bass... Small, 1x Ray.... Small, 1x plaice.....small, 1x Gurnard.... Small
2x bass.... Small, 1x eel... Small, 1x Ray.... Small, 1x plaice....small, 2x smoothies .... 4lb 5oz, 3lb 8oz'
28th June

Ed Howarth sent these lovely pictures of a happy angler saying:

'My son Charlie and I did a few hours down at Beachlands today, Sunday 28/6. Things were a bit slow but Charlie’s reward for persevering was this nice Schoolie and a baby Smoothound on his last cast.' Thanks Ed - Well Done Charlie!



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