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May 2020 Sea Catch News - Post Fishing-Lockdown!!

May 2020 Sea Catch News - Post Fishing-Lockdown!!

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On Wednesday 13th May recreational angling was again allowed in England within social distancing guidelines.

It has been good to see so many relieved, and excited anglers pass through the shop (one at a time, socially distancing...) collecting their orders and off to enjoy their sport over these early post fishing-lockdown days. There have been many great catches from Seaford, Eastbourne, Pevensey and Cooden beaches, including bass, plaice, flounder, dover sole, dogfish and thornback ray.

Those first fish after fishing-lockdown are bound to be special and there's plenty about at the moment from local beaches.

These lovely pictures of one very happy young angler were sent by Colin Browne who reported on Weds 13th:
'Between me and the boy we had this bass of 35cm, 3 plaice, 1 flounder and a rockling, fishing Langley point using lug from the Den' Well Done! Thanks Colin! 


On Thursday 14th Lorcan caught this lovely bass from the beach at Cooden, saying:

'First session back, what a pleasant catch - Fresh Lug '  What a stunning fish! Thanks for sending Lorcan.

Mark Pantony fished at Seaford for his first trip out and  reported
'several quality plaice among the seven I had. The biggest were 43cm 41cm and 38cm, all caught on Black Lug'
Thanks Mark - you have mastered the art of the angling selfie!

Thanks very much Shannon Hancock for sending this great picture of a very happy seven year old Hope Mason who caught her FIRST EVER FISH from an Eastbourne beach, a lovely plaice, beating the three men fishing from the same beach!
YES Hope - a win for the girls!!

In his first trip out with son Ollie after lockdown, Mark Franks is pictured with a 54cm thornback ray caught from an Eastbourne beach on Saturday 16th
Well Done Mark!

Thanks very much to James Wood for this great picture after a session in Seaford on Friday
'Brilliant days fishing. Went to Seaford had 4 plaice 1 small and then 34cm 41cm and 50cm so new pb for me so glad to be able to get out again'
A 50cm plaice equates to a very nice weight - approx 2½lb!! Well Done James - great to see!

Thanks Darren Chapple for these pictures of young Thomas looking very happy after a first post-lockdown beach fishing trip this weekend!
Thomas' catches included a very nice dover sole - Well Done Thomas! Thanks Darren for sending.


Adam Faiers pictured with the 1lb4oz dover sole caught at White Horses, Pevensey Bay on Sunday night.
Adam fished high tide down for four hours and as well as the sole he caught two thornback rays up to 3½lb, and two dogfish including one at 1lb 3oz. Thanks for letting us know Adam!

AJ Puttick is pictured with a 10lb 14oz thornback ray caught on bluey bait at Normans Bay - Great catch and picture AJ - thanks for sending.

Leroy Plumb sent this picture of his first catch of pouting at White Horses this week.
The smile says it all - Thanks Leroy!
29th May UPDATE 
Catches of good sized bass have continued from local beaches, as well as rays showing, sometimes in good numbers, at night. Plaice are still showing during the daytime in smaller numbers, but there have been increasing numbers of good sized dover sole (1lb- ish). The smoothounds being caught are getting bigger, with several reports of 3-4lb catches!
is how Chris Voller described a night session from a local beach earlier this week, saying
'it was thornbacks galore last night. This time last year they moved off in numbers but they’re still here currently. Almost a bite a chuck. Even mum came out to find a couple!' Well Done, Chris's Mum!

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