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March 2020 Sea Catch News

March 2020 Sea Catch News

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We have had reports all week of fantastic thornback ray catches from local beaches, but no one quite does pictures like this local angler!! Many thanks to Harvey Shelley for this great picture and report!
'Morning all! Just thought I’d send a pic of last nights fish! This was one of those nights were everything was just right , fish were on it , weather was good! All on your bait I managed four thornbacks last night biggest of just over 6.5lb and 520 across the wingspan'
Please keep the catch reports coming!
Luke Ripley also caught this 8lb 2oz thornback locally- Well Done Luke!!
8th March - Peter Cornwell sent this catch report - pictures below.
'Fished Eastbourne. Breezy night but dry and cold. Sea was calm with a big swell and dirty. Fished with fishing friend sala. Fish as follows,......
Sala - pout x2, rockling x10, dogfish x2.. - 1lb 12oz, whiting x6.
Me - rockling x4, whiting x4, pout x2, dogfish x3.. - 1lb 8oz,
Rays x4..... 10lb 1oz, 5lb, 4lb 8oz, 2lb'
Great report and pictures as always - Thanks Peter!!
8th March - After a weekend in the shop talking tactics and tackle for ray fishing. Glyn Morgan is pictured looking very pleased with a 6lb 13oz thornback ray, one of six caught last Sunday from an Eastbourne beach! Well done Glyn :)
9th March - another fantastic picture from Harvey Shelley 
'Just wanted to send another great catch from last night! This was the only one I could manage last night, coming in at 8lb 1oz and 54 across the wings! Never thought I would beat my previous at 6lb for a while a couple of nights ago! Once again on your bait! Good as always!' Great catch Harvey!

9th March - Tristan Parsons is pictured  with a lovely thornback caught from a local beach saying:
'Had 3 this morning 7lb 6oz and 5lb 1oz and a 4lb 4oz all on bluey'
Thanks for sending Tristan!
11th March - Julian French is pictured below with a fantastic shore-caught 19lb conger eel caught in the Over 50s Beach Fishing Competition held at White Horses, Pevensey Bay today winning heaviest round fish. Also pictured is Terry Taylor who won heaviest flatfish with a 1lb 1oz plaice.
13th March - Steve Kerr sent this photo and report:
'Hi, fished Cambridge Road today in the Crawley Sea Angling Club match. Had Plaice to 33cm’s, Dab’s, Dogfish, Pout, and Thornback Ray’s. This was my best Ray at 66 cm’s across the wings. Our size to weight says 5.2 kg.(11½lb!) She was returned and swam away. Bluey was the bait.'
Great catch and picture - thanks Steve for letting us know!
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