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A visit from 'The Eastbourne Fishernan

A visit from 'The Eastbourne Fisherman'

Jason Scott, aka 'The Eastbourne Fisherman' visited the shop in January for a look around and a chat with Glyn about changing tackle trends over recent years.

Eastbourne Fisherman's Key message:

'Tackle shops are a local hub for anglers and provide an important role within the community as a place to come and socialise, share tips and tricks, gain knowledge of local hot spots for fishing, Experienced anglers and shop owners sharing vital knowledge to new anglers like myself is key to progression within the sport.

Also they provide a key visual stimulant to newcomers and beginners especially children looking to take up this fantastic sport we as anglers all love so dearly.

So come down and take a look ....... SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL TACKLE SHOPS'

Thanks Jason:)