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Spurdog Boat Fishing Eastbourne December 2019

Unusual Boat Angling Catch News - 30th Dec 2019

Charlie Clarke sent this report following an unusual boat catch of spurdog, a species that was rarely seen for many years - another example of a species returning in greater numbers? Charlie said:
'Estimated Mid double spurdog on Anglers Den whole mackerel used as a flapper on your conger trace put up a great fight and was a surprising catch this time of the year but more than welcome thanks again for quality bait ?'
Thanks for sending Charlie!!
Spurdog (AKA Spiny Dogfish, Spiked Dogfish, Cape Shark, Piked Dogfish) can be found in deep water, although they will move into relatively shallow water to feed, when they can come within range of the shore angler. Spurdog will spend most of their time hunting on or near the seabed for bottom dwelling fish such as small flatfish and cod, although they will venture into midwater to feed on herring, sprats and sandeels, especially in summer months when this type of prey is more abundant. Evidence exists that spurdog move around in shoals, and may cover large distances when searching for food. They are one of the few venomous fish in UK waters (along with the stingray and weever fish), with the spines behind the two dorsal fins secreting a venom which can cause swelling and discomfort in humans. Occasionally on a still summer night it is possible to see spurdog swimming slowly just below the surface of the water. See: https://britishseafishing.co.uk/spurdog/