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Rough Weather and a Dirty Sea - 30th September 2019

Rough Weather and a Dirty Sea - the Fishing is Good - even the odd Codling! 

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The recent rougher weather has stirred things up a bit meaning the sea is dirty and some nice fish are showing off local beaches!! 
Recent catches in Pevensey Bay have included bass, sole thornback rays and dogfish as well as pout and whiting. There have also been reports of the occasional codling.  John Philp is pictured with a 4lb 2oz codling caught this week in Pevensey Bay on lugworm bait - great to see!

Also pictured below is Jim Whippy with a sole of 1lb 3½oz and Colin Findley with a bass of 1lb 12½oz, both caught in Thursday's Anderida Beach Fishing Club Competition held in Pevensey Bay. A thornback ray of 3 lb 3½oz and a bass of 1lb 10½oz were also caught by Tim Lane. Keith Hesling also caught a sizeable bass and Matt Cox caught a 1lb sole. There were also some nice dogfish caught in the comp.


Peter Cornwall sent these pictures and report from Sunday night:

'What a great night, wind dropping but leaving a big swell. Fished Eastbourne, water was dirty.
Fish caught:
Codling-undersized went back
Bass- to 44,42cm
Sole- to 39cm
Whiting- x2
Pout- x3
Dogfish- x6 to 1lb 12oz
Ray- x2 to 2lb 8oz
Conger, x1 to 2lb
Silver eel x2 to 2lb.'  Thanks Pete!!

Gary Banfield is pictured with a 2lb 11oz dover sole caught at White Horses, Pevensey Bay today - well done Gary!!

With the unsettled weather set to continue it is likely we will see more quality fish being caught from local beaches - keep us posted on your catch news please!!

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