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Mini-Species Aquarium on Pevensey Bay Beach - 30th August 2019

Tori's Mini-Species!! Pevensey Bay Beach - 30th Aug 2019

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Six-year old Tori spent several night's fishing with her dad Lee Thackaberry this past week during a visit to Pevensey Bay. The pair have been making movies from their nights on the beach - beach fishing, rock pooling and seeing amazing sunrises using time-lapse/slow-motion photography - speeding it up and slowing it down, to see all that amazing detail that we usually miss!

Tori and Lee used a 5ft push net to gather up their rock pool creatures, which were then filmed with this clever method allowing close observations of their moves and behaviours! Several mini species were observed - can you name them?




Then there's this great footage of this mini dover sole going camo in the sand!

And also:



And then more fascinating footage of this very curious hermit crab :)

Tori and Lee's adventures are all being documented on Tor's Magical Movies youtube channel which can be found Click Here

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