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Sussex Smoothound Summer - 14th July 2019

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Local anglers have been enjoying a boom of SUMMER SMOOTHOUND FISHING from local beaches over recent weeks!!
Kevin Doe is pictured below (blue vest)with a 124cm smoothound caught on dirty squid bait bait on Saturday at the Kiosk at Pevensey Bay. 
Ed Howarth also pictured below, sent this report:
'I fished Beachlands on Friday night (12/7) and had three Smoothound, all on hermit and ragworm cocktails (thanks for the quality bait!). Attached is a picture of the best one which went 7lb 2oz.'
Great picture - thanks Ed.
Steve Merner (green hoody) is pictured below having landed this Smoothound weighing around 13lb and just catching the butt of the rod after it pulled it off the stand and into the sea!
Tony Rose (headlamp) below sent the following report this morning
'I fished White Horses last night and had a 1lb Dover Sole, 3 large Smoothound (84, 86 and 87cm) and a small Gilt head Bream. Smoothies were caught on hermit crab and squid/ragworm, the other two on lugworm.'
Thanks for letting us know Tony!
Jason Scott sent this lovely picture of 6 year old Orlaith-Chloe with her first smoothound pup! 
Well Done - great catch!! Thanks Jason.
Andrew Worrell is pictured with  this good sized smoothound at Langney Point on Anglers Den hermit crab.
Ollie Franks fished the Anderida Beach Fishing Comp earlier this month in Pevensey Bay and is pictured with the THREE smoothounds he caught, the largest of which was 7lb 13½oz. Ollie won the match with an overall weight of 15lb 15½oz!! Well done Ollie!!
Second overall in the match was Colin Isaacs with 2 smoothounds, including the largest hound on the comp at 8lb 2oz. All smoothounds were returned alive as this match was catch and release for smoothounds.
Damion Chant sent these pictures from . Damion is pictured with two hounds of 8lb 8oz and 6lb 12oz. James Wood is pictured with one of 6lb 2oz. Great pictures - thanks for sending Damion.
John Edwards (Levis shirt) caught this 93cm smoothound at White Horses, Pevensey Bay on lug and ragworm bait. The fish was released unharmed. Thank you for sending John!
Peter Cornwell also caught this 8lb 11oz smoothound in calm warm conditions - Thanks Pete!

DID YOU KNOW - Despite being a shark species and looking like a predator smooth-hound do not primarily feed by hunting fish. Instead they scour the seabed for crustaceans such as crabs, lobsters and hermit crabs and will also eat shellfish. They will take fish on occasions when the opportunity arises, but fish do not make up a significant part of their diet. The smooth-hounds feeding habits can be better understood by looking at its teeth. Rather than the typical sharp shark-like teeth the smooth-hound has blunt but powerful crushing plates which are adapted perfectly to consume the crustaceans which make up the majority of its diet. This lack of teeth leads to the smooth-hounds alternative name of 'gummy shark'.


Luke Ripley is pictured with two smoothounds caught on an Eastbourne beach, one of many reports of smoothounds being caught from local beaches over recent weeks - thanks for sending Luke!


Michael Moule (red jacket) caught this 86cm smoothound on 15th June from an Eastbourne beach, as well as 4 smoothound pups, and 2 bass up to 36cm, all on ragworm and live peeler crab bait. Roy Springall also sent this picture of a smoothound caught from a local beach.
Thank you Mike and Roy for sending!




Well done to Keeley Moule who was fishing at Eastbourne on 12th June in the Nomads Beach Fishing Comp with dad Michael Moule. Keeley is pictured below with the two smoothounds she caught - 83cm and 85cm both weighing 4lb 3½oz, and caught on ragworm and peeler crab. Keeley won the competition and also got heaviest round fish of the night!! 
Well done Keeley - thanks Mike for sending!


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