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Plastic Bag Policy - March 2019

Our Plastic Bag Policy - March 2019


A SMALL BUT IMPORTANT CHANGE - We have decided to make a very small change, that if we all made could make a big difference.

The shop will now be plastic bag free, wherever possible. We will recycle used plastic bags wherever we can (re-using bags that stock is delivered in, when serving customers), but we will no longer be buying plastic bags to give to customers when selling goods.

Customers will have the option of paying 10p to buy a large paper carrier bag (less than they cost us)

We would like to encourage people to bring their own bag. We all know that getting into the habit of keeping a supply of bags in the car helps here.

As an extra incentive - during 2019 if you buy enough to need a carrier bag AND you bring your own, WE will reimburse YOU the 10p carrier bag charge!!

A small change, made by lots of us, can make a big difference.