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Thornback Rays and Plaice from local beaches - 27th March 2019

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The past week or so has seen regular reports of plaice being caught from local beaches, mainly during the day, but some at night, alongside flounder, dabs and the occasional bass. Then over the past week several anglers have reported a number of night time catches of thornback rays  - great to see these again this year. Then last weekend a local angler caught two thornback rays from a local beach during daylight, while another angler caught a fantastic 9lb+ ray - full details below.

At the time of update - 27th March - catches of thornback ray have continued to be reported on a daily basisi from local Eastbourne beaches.

Les Glazzard is pictured with two of his total of 4 plaice that won him the Anderida Beach Fishing Competition held in Pevensey Bay on Weds 20th, with a total of 2lb 6½oz. Well done Les!

Michael Moule caught this 3lb 1oz thornback ray in the Eastbourne Nomads beach fishing competition last Thursday night (21st). Good to see these rays starting to appear again fron local beaches, a new development in recent years. Nice one Michael.



Martin Stevens (red jacket) is pictured below with one of the two thornback rays caught from a local beach last Saturday morning. Martin also caught a number of plaice in the same session. Well done Martin - keep the catch reports coming. 

Mirek Galant is pictured with a 9lb 4oz ray caught from a local Eastbourne beach last Saturday night. Plenty of reports of these rays from local beaches now - Happy Days!  Mirek was fishing with Andy Cumming and as well as the ray, they also caught ling, dogfish and two bass - Thanks for letting us know Mirek.




Trevor Rooney is pictured below with a 4lb thornback ray caught at Cambridge Road, Eastbourne on Monday afternoon (25th)  - reports of catches of rays from local beaches just keep coming!

Then on Monday night there were further reports of thornback ray catches from local beaches!
Pictured below is Kevin Morgan with one of the four thornback rays caught from a local beach, the biggest of which was 6lb 4oz.
Also pictured right is Damien Chant with a ray of 8lb 4oz.
Well done !!


Customers Les Glazzard and Gary Banfield are pictured below both with their first sizeable Rays caught in the past two days from Eastbourne beaches.
Les left caught this 4lb 12oz ray on Tuesday night, and Gary right this 8lb 12oz ray on Weds. Well done to you both!! Both fish were returned alive.


David Tame is pictured below left with a thornback ray of approx 5-6lb caught from an Eastbourne beach on Weds night, and Kevin Doe with a thornback of approx 7lb. Kevin also caught a smaller one. FANTASTIC RAY FISHING CONTINUES FROM LOCAL BEACHES!!




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