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School Holiday Fishing - 3rd August 2017

School Hoiliday Fishing Trips in Normans Bay - 3rd August 2017

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Jo Burr sent us this fab picture of daughter Hollie 9 yrs (left) with her catch of smooth hound from the shore at Normans Bay. The smile says it all - Well Done Hollie!!
Well done also to Luca and Ruben Langer (right) who look very pleased with this catch from the local shoreline, at Normans Bay.

First Rod, First Trip, First Cast, First Catch - Wowzers - great summer holiday fun, bring it on!


On Tuesday we had reports of 'so many mackerel, they were beaching themselves' off local beaches, and catch pictures were sent below from Gez Gold (left) and Barry Roberts (right). Thanks for sending your catch pics.

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