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Coarse Angling Catch News

 Coarse Angling Catch News

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39lb Carp at Falkenvil Fishery - aka 'Mushroom Farm' - April  2018

Chris Perkins caught this fantastic common carp at Falkenvil Fishery on Monday - a new lake record and personal best - Well Done Chris!!

Falkenvil Fishery, aka 'The Mushroom Farm' is located between Eastbourne ans Hailsham. Details Click Here


More Pike!!  Wallers Haven (Pevensey Levels) - February 2018

Another fantastic catch from Wallers Haven by Matt Dean, who is pictured below with a 19lb 6oz pike, a new PB caught in the snow and one of three fish caught in total from a 6 hour dead bait session.

Thanks again for sending Matt - another great picture :)

Pike Wallers Haven - January 2018

Matt Dean sent this fantastic picture of an 18lb pike caught from Wallers Haven on a dead bait joey mackerel. 

This was Matt's first trip out after joining Southdown Angling Association for the winter. Southdown offer 'Carryover Membership' this time of year, giving 15 months membership for the price of 12 (annual membership fee gives membership through until the end of April 2019), so there is no better time to join!

Thanks Matt for sending, keep us posted!

For more details of Southdown Angling Association, click Here.

Fly Fishing for Pike - 4th December 2017

PIKE FISHING SEASON!! Steve Roberts has been learning to fly fish for pike and has been getting in lots of practice recently.
Steve is pictured left with a nice little jack caught last week on the fly at Wallers Haven and right with a 8½lb pike caught at Arlington. 
Thanks for sending Steve.


Steve - First Pike at Arlington  - 26th November 2017

Steve Roberts sent us this picture of his first ever pike, caught on a fly at Arlington - Thanks Steve.??


Perch on the Pevensey Levels - 19th November 2017

Mitchell Hollebon sent this picture of a lovely perch caught on Sunday on Pevensey Levels - Thanks for sending Mitchell ??



Dylan and Delilah at Amazon Wood Fishery - 18th November 2017

Andrew Worrell sent these pictures of Dylan and Delilah who each caught a good sized carp during a recent trip to Amazon Wood Fishery, They both had a blast!! The fish put up a fight and it took Delilah nearly 5 minutes to land hers, with dad helping out with the drag. Well done to Dylan and Delilah - thanks Andrew for sending ??

Amazon Wood Fishery is in a peaceful secluded location set in Polegate woods - Details at https://goo.gl/85SMtR


It's Pike Season!!  Pevensey Haven - 13th November 2017

James Cowley sent us these pics of Pike caught this week on the Pevensey Haven. Of the 4 in total caught, the 2 bigger ones (both easily a meter) are pictured below. Thanks for sending James!

Pevensey Haven and Wallers Haven are part of the part of the Pevensey Levels, local coarse angling waters owned by Southdown Angling Association -  For details of Southdown Click Here



James at Falkenvil Fishery - 10th August 2017

James sent this picture. at 34.4lb this carp was new Specimen Lake record at Falkenvil Fishery. Well Done James!

Falkenvil Fishery aka 'Mushroom Farm' is a large 5 lake fishery located between Eastbourne and Hailsham.Saltmarsh Lane, Hailsham, BN27 2RJ, Details Click Here

Kevin and Declan try Tanyard Fishery - 3rd August 2017

Kevin sent us this report from recent visit to Tanyard Fishery:

'We wanted to try Tanyards fisheries.
We went for Coarse Lake 3. Started at 8am and I didn't get a bit till 12.30pm. Declan caught two fish that morning.It was proving to be a tough lake to crack.
Spoke to two other fishermen who had been on the Specimen Lake over night and no fish had been out for 36hrs.
Things picked up in the afternoon a little bit with 5 fish each.
Probably has been the hardest lake we have fished so far this year. Thanks Kevin.'


Tench from Wallers Haven - 1st August 2017

Russell Havard sent this pic of a 4½lb tench caught last weekend on the Wallers Haven, the largest water on the Pevensey Levels, owned by Southdown Angling Association. Thanks Russell, lovely fish.
The Pevensey Levels include Wallers Haven, Pevensey Haven & Chilley Stream. Southdown's waters tend to be very tranquil and unspoilt...
Annual membership is available from Anglers Den,and an exchange permit scheme with a host of other angling clubs in Kent and Sussex gives access to a vast range of waters in the south east.. Details of membership, waters, maps and location photos etc Click Here.

Framfield Fishery - Exhausting Day - 9th July 2017

Kevin and Declan enjoyed another busy days fishing last weekend, this time at Framfield Fishery, and Kevin sent us this report:

'Declan and I tried Framfield Fishery for the first time at the weekend.We were not geared high enough for the specimen lake and could not get on the middle lake so we ended up on spring lake.
It was the most exhausting and fun day we have had in a long time. We landed over forty fish each, mostly ranging from 6lb to 11lb with one beauty that looked like it had never been caught weighing in at 14.2lbs.'

Framfield Park Fishery is a - a three lake fishery set in peaceful surroundings on the outskirts of Framfield, near Uckfield, for more details Click Here




 Mirror Carp at Marle Green - 16th June 2017

Chris Perkins is pictured with a nice 16lb mirror carp caught last Friday at Marle Green, which is one of Southdown Angling Association's still waters. Chris was using Dynamite Bait's white chocolate boilies - well done Chris!

Marle Green is a still water fishery owned by Southdown Angling Association. Southdown has three still waters available to members - Curls Farm (Ripe), North Farm Pool (Marle Green) and Cinderford Pond. There is no close season for these waters which may be fished all year round.

Southdown membership is available in the shop - more details Click Here



Grass Carp at Falkenvil - 12th June 2017

Paul Sandalls is pictured with 2 grass carp (23lb 1oz and 24lb 12oz) caught this week at Falkenvil Fishery. Lovely fish, great pictures - well done Paul :)

Details of Falkenvil Fishery Click Here


Rudd and Carp for Josh at Curls Farm, Ripe - 4th June 2017

Josh Cowley is pictured during a recent session fishing at Curls Farm, Ripe with his dad James. Josh is pictured with a rudd, and a carp - well done Josh!

Curls Farm is a still water fishery owned by Southdown Angling Association. Southdown has three still waters available to members - Curls Farm (Ripe), North Farm Pool (Marle Green) and Cinderford Pond. There is no close season for these waters which may be fished all year round.

Southdown membership is available in the shop - more details Click Here


Gary - Linear Carp - Falkenvil Specimen Lake - May 2017

Gary Perkins caught this 24lb linear carp at Falkenvil Specimen Lake in May. Falkenvil Fishery aka 'Mushroom Farm' is a large 5 lake fishery located between Eastbourne and Hailsham.

For details about Falkenvil Fishery Click Here

Falkenvil Fishery - Great Day for it -  21st May 2017

Kevin and Declan had another good afternoons fishing at Falkenvil Fishery last weekend. The pair landed a total 19 fish, the largest by Declan of 14.5lb 11.5lb and 11lb. The rest of Declan's fish came on a float, landing some nice size Bream.
Kevin landed 8 carp from 7.5lb with the largest being 10.5lb. Well done lads, very nice day for it too
Falkenvil Fishery aka 'Mushroom Farm' is a large 5 lake fishery located between Eastbourne and Hailsham.

For details about Falkenvil Fishery Click Here

A Good Session - Falkenvil Fishery - 1st May 2017

Kevin Sutton had a good session at Falkenvil last weekend. Between three of the group,  12 fish were landed, one bream and the rest mostly common carp from 7.5lb to 12.5lb. Kevin's biggest was 11lb. For details of Falkenvil Fishery, also known as 'The Mushroom Farm' Click Here

89lb Catfish 'Big Bad Barry' - Wintons Fishery - 12th April 2017

Paul St sent us this picture  of the 89.4lb catfish caught by his son Kyle at Wintons Fishery, Burgess Hill!! The largest catfish on the complex has been named 'Big Bad Barry' and is expected to put on considerable weight as the season progresses. Wintons Fishery is at Burges Hill , RH15 0DR.


Mirror Carp for Callum - Mushroom Farm - 25th Feb 2017

Keen carp angler Callum Morris sent us this picture of a 9lb mirror carp caught recently at the Falkenvil Fishery (Mushroom Farm). There have been some changes at Falkenvil with a number of the smaller lakes being combined to make one larger lake at the rear of the complex. This mirror was caught from the new back lake. Well Done Callum! More details of Falkenvil Fishery Click Here

Matt's Perch at Rickney - 17th Feb 2017 

Matt Cowley caught this lovely perch from a local river at Rickney today - Well Done Matt, you are getting really good at this :)


 Perch for Darren - 3rd Feb 2017

Darren Mitchell caught this lovely 2lb 7oz perch from a local Sussex Fishery - nice one Darren!

James and Matt, Pike and Perch - 11th Dec 2016

James Cowley is pictured (left) with a 20lb pike caught from a local river and with his son Matt (right) looking very pleased with a nice sized perch caught at Rickney. Great Fishing James and Matt :)


James and Josh, Pike, Pevensey Haven (Southdown Angling) - 19th November 2016

James Cowley went fishing with son Josh at Pevensey Haven today. The pair landed 8 pike and lost another 3. Josh is pictured below getting amongst the pike. Fantastic Fishing Josh!

Parts of the Pevensey Haven are Southdown Angling Association waters Anglers Den is a membership outlet for Southdown, which offers a diverse choice of still and moving waters for local coarse fishing.

Southdown's waters tend to be very tranquil and unspoilt, and include the Pevensey Levels (Wallers Haven and Pevensey Haven), and waters on the River Cuckmere, as well as a number of stillwater settings. More details about Southdown Click Here.


Charlie's Perch, Iron Bridge (Southdown Angling) - 30th October 2016

Charlie had a great day at Iron Bridge (Wallers Haven), catching this personal best  3lb Perch. Well done Charlie!

This stretch of Wallers Haven is a Southdown Angling Association water - details of SAA Click Here

Gary - Carp at Falkenvil (Mushroom Farm) - September 2016

Gary Perkins caught this 32lb 4oz Common Carp at the Mushroom Farm (Falkenvil Fishery)
Falkenvil Fishery is a large 5 lake fishery located between Eastbourne and Hailsham, details at Click Here

Josh and Matt at Falkenvil (Mushroom Farm) - September 2016

James Cowley sent us this picture of sons Josh and Matt having a good day at The Mushroom Farm (Falkenvil Fishery)
Falkenvil Fishery is a large 5 lake fishery located between Eastbourne and Hailsham, details at Click Here

Roach from Wallers Haven for Nigel - 31st August 2016

Nigel Parks is pictured with one of the six 1lb Roach caught on the Wallers Haven (Boreham Street) on the waggler using sweetcorn today. Nice One Nigel :)

Carp at Furnace Brook for Stuart and Thomas - 13th August 2016

Catches at Furnace Brook Fishery this week included common and mirror carp, and ghost koi, all caught on20mm/16mm bottom bait with fluro pop ups. That fish looks heavy :)

For more details about Furnace Brook Fishery Click Here


Chris's Carp at Falkenvil - 24th July 2016

Chris Perkins recently caught this 28lb common carp at Falkenvil Fishery. Chris said it was the hardest fighting fish he has caught and took half an hour to land, and a sore arm :)

Paul and Bob - Orchard Place Farm - 26th June 2016

Paul Sandalls sent us these pics from a recent session at Orchard Place Farm Fishery with son Bob. Bob is pictured with a 20lb carp, and Paul with a 35lb catfish. Orchard Place Farm Fishery is near Tonbridge, Kent, TN12 6NY.








Harry's Carp Amazon Wood Fishery - June 2016

Harry Spencer caught a lovely 9lb carp at Amazon Wood Fishery Polegate

Callum's Carp at Barrett's Park Farm - May 2016

Keen carp angler Callum Morris is pictured with a 18lb 2oz Common Carp

Paul Sandalls 40lb Catfish - Hawkhurst May 2016

Paul Sandalls had a fantastic day a Hawkhurst Fishery, and catches included this 40lb Catfish, and another of 30lb!

Max at Sussex Fishery with dad - May 2016

Max's great day fishing with dad in the sunshine - 8th May 2016

Carp Tanyard Fishery - April 2016

A selection of pics from weekend carp catches at Tanyard Fishery, inc mirror, ghost and common carp.

Scott's Carp - Belfry Fishery April 2016

Scott Isaacs sent us this picture of a lovely 13lb common carp caught at Belfy Fishery.

Tony King Pike - December 2015

It's pike season and Tony King caught this 25lb 6oz beauty at a local Sussex venue.

Elliott's Big Perch Belfry Fishery - 14th Nov 2015

Elliott Winterton caught a 3lb perch at Belfry Fishery.