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Sea Angling Catch News

Anglers Den Sea Angling Catch News

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Dogfish, Dabs, Whiting - a mix of species off local beaches - 5th Jan 2018

Bigger whitings are now showing off local Eastbourne/Pevensey beaches, and dogfish are also being regularly caught in local beach fishing competitions, along with dabs, pout and also the odd flounder.


Flounder, Dab, Plaice and Whiting off local beaches - 1st Dec 2017

Flounders, dab and the occasional plaice are being caught off the local shoreline, as well as whiting, in recent weeks. Joe Plumstead is pictured with son Harvey below with a plaice caught off the local beach last week - lovely pic  :)

Dover Sole, Plaice and Whiting off local beaches - hoping for Cod!! 9th November 2017

Dover sole are being caught at Langney Point during the day as well as at night. There are also reports of plaice when the weather is calm and clear in daylight. Whiting are being caught at night off local beaches. There are also reports of cod off boats relatively close to the shore, so we are hopeful to see them off the local shoreline soon.

Bass, Dover Sole, Plaice and Mackerel this week off the Local Shoreline - 20th October 2017

Reports of locally shore caught bass have continued this week. Ricky Diamond (left) sent this pic of a new pb bass of 5lb 7oz caught earlier this week off Langley point. Ricky was using a coarse fishing float rod with float, fishing 20-30 yards out, 5ft deep with fresh lug and says the fish put up a great fight on 8lb line, and was returned alive. Thanks for sending Ricky.

Also pictured below right is another bass caught by Peter Cornwall, this one weighing 3lb and caught off Eastbourne yesterday. Thanks Peter.



  Also below are several pictures of dover sole  caught during a daytime Over 50s beach fishing comp today. Sam Sampson pictured left came second in the match and also pictured right is Paul Christopher also with a nice sole. 

The settled weather this week have also meant that plaice and mackerel have also been caught off local beaches. With a period of unsettled weather forcast for over the coming days, it will be interesting to see what is caught off the local shoreline.


Bass, Plaice, Dover Sole and even some Mackerel! - 12th October 2017

Peter Cornwell is pictured left  with a 6lb 5½oz bass caught from the shore at Eastbourne last weekend on live bait. Well Done Peter!

Pictured right is Tom Strudwick with son Josh who looks very pleased with the 1lb 8oz plaice caught by his dad at Pevensey Bay also over the weekend. This is one of several reports of locally shore caught plaice over the past week or so. Well done Tom!

There has also been the odd mackerel being caught off local beaches - and with the settled weather forcast over the weekend,this increases the chances of seeing some mackerel off local beaches.

Dover sole also continue to be caught at night. Happy Days :) 


Bass, Whiting and Dover Sole - 5th October 2017

Bass are still being caught off local beaches, some sizeable like the one pictured below caught by Mark Robinson at Langney Point at the weekend, along with bigger whitings. Dover sole are also still being caught at night

Plaice during the day, Dover Sole at night - 22nd September 2017

Lots of plaice are being caught off local beaches during the day, with anglers reporting good numbers in their catches, as well as the odd bass. The settled weather has also seen a return to decent catches of sole at night

10lb Shore Caught Bass - Cooden - 17th September 2017

Glyn and Kev from Anglers Den fished the Bexhill Festival of the Sea Bass Competition on Sunday evening. The pair fished at Beaulie Rd, Cooden. Glyn is pictured with an 80cm (10lb) bass and also with a 58cm (4lb) bass that won him the comp. Well done Glyn  


In second place was Kevin Morgan, pictured below with a 66cm (6lb) bass and a second of 58cm (4lb). Well done Kev 
Glyn and Kev's bass were caught on fresh lug, and mackerel head.
In third place was Mark Rogers with a 30cm Bass.
All fish were returned alive. What an action packed evenings fishing - Fantastic.


Cod along the Sussex Coast - 14th September 2017

There has been an early start to the cod season along the coast. John Humphrey is pictured with a 14lb 15oz cod caught on lugworm bait from Worthing Pier. There have also been reports of cod caught at Seaford last weekend. With big tides due this week, lets hope they show off local beaches soon. 


Bass from the local Eastbourne/Pevensey shoreline - 25th August 2017

We have had lots of reports over the past week of good sized bass being caught from local beaches, including this 9lb 14oz bass caught on Wednesday at Langney Point by Bill Simms on mackerel head (left) and this this 8lb 2oz (73cm) bass caught on Monday night by Philip Burke (right) from a local beach - Well Done!!


And there's more!! Pictured also with bass caught from the local shore are Peter Cornwell with a bass caught on Monday night (left) and Roy Springall (right) with a 3lb 2oz bass caught this week from a local beach. Great bass fishing.


Bass off Pevensey - 7th August 2017

Josh Kingaby caught this impressive 11lb 2oz bass at around 9 last night from the Pevensey shore - well done Josh. 

Smoothound Eastbourne - 5th August 2017

Barry Roberts caught this 7lb 9oz smoothound from a local beach at the weekend. Well done Barry. 

School Hoiliday Fishing Trips in Normans Bay - 3rd August 2017

Jo Burr sent us this fab picture of daughter Hollie 9 yrs (left) with her catch of smooth hound from the shore at Normans Bay. The smile says it all - Well Done Hollie!!
Well done also to Luca and Ruben Langer (right) who look very pleased with this catch from the local shoreline, at Normans Bay.

First Rod, First Trip, First Cast, First Catch - Wowzers - great summer holiday fun.


Sea 'Boiling with Mackerel' at local shoreline - 1st August 2017

We had reports this evening of 'so many mackerel, they were beaching themselves' off local beaches, and catch pictures sent below from Gez Gold (left) and Barry Roberts (right) - action packed summer holiday fun, bring it on :)


More Bass off local beaches - 30th July 2017

Day and night time catches of bass have continued from the local shore - Ollie Franks is pictured below left with a 3lb 10¾oz bass caught from the shore yesterday at Normans Bay. Ollie was fishing close in, and using lugworm bait. Below right is Ben Payne with a bass caught  near Pevensey Bay. The fish was caught very early morning on mackerel and weighed 7lb 1oz. 


Dover Sole, Bass, Ray off Pevensey/Eastbourne Beaches - 29th July 2017

A good variety of summer species have continued to be caught from local beaches. Dennis Errington is pictured below left with a 1lb 10oz dover sole caught in daylight locally on Anglers Den frozen lugworm and below right is Peter Cornwell with a 4lb (56cm) bass, one of four caught on Tuesday evening from the Eastbourne shore. We have also had several reports of bass caught locally during daylight.


Barry Roberts sent the picture of Perri Sims (below left) with her first dover sole caught just in front of Treasure Island this week on her first fishing trip for something other than mackerel. The pair had another sole both about 10oz each, a little bass and a nice eel too and all fish returned alive.

Below right is James Day with a 10lb thornback ray caught in eastbourne last night, using Anglers Den lug worm and squid. Thanks to all for sharing your pics.


Smoothound, Ray, Dover Sole, Bass - Specimen Hunt Comp Catches - Pevensey/Eastbourne Beaches - 16th July 2017

During the Anglers Den Week Long Specimen Hunt there have been some great catches from local beaches

Pictured below is (top row left) David Tame with and a 1lb 14oz dover sole and (right) Damion Chant with a 44cm Thornback Ray. Also pictured below is Wesley Sargeant with a 1lb 6½oz dover sole caught this week. 


There have also been several smoothound caught, up to the 90cm one caught by Tony Kirrage. Pictured below is Peter Cornwall with an 85cm smoothound caught earlier this week .

 Also pictured is Ed Howarth with an 8lb 14oz bass, caught locally over the weekend on mackerel head at close range - Well Done Ed.



Dover Sole, Black Bream, Gurnard, Eels, Smoothound and Mackerel - Pevensey/Eastbourne Beaches - 7th July 2017

Enzo is pictured during a beach casting lesson this week with a black bream caught off the beach at Pevensey Bay. Local beach competitions have seen catches of dover  sole, gurnard, bass and eels off local beaches with some reports of smoothound from Langney Point.

Pictured also are young Bradley and Joey with the mackerel they caught at Langney Point this week. There is great sport to be had when the mackerel start to show off local beaches!!


Thornback Ray, Bass, Smoothound, Dover Sole off local beaches - 23rd June 2017

Pictured is Ryan Smart with a fantasic Thornback Ray caught on bluey bait from an Eastbourne beach on Friday night 23rd June.
The fish measured 65cm across the wings and with the point system this comes out at about 10.5lb. However, our recent experience suggests it probably weighed well over 11lb - which Ryan also thought when he picked it up!

Although several local anglers caught thornback rays up to approx 9lb earlier this year, this is definitely the biggest thornback ray we have heard about caught from the local shoreline. Well Done Ryan!

Also pictured is Philip Burke with a bass caught at Herbrand Walk, Cooden on 21st June, and Luke Ripley with an 8lb smoothound caught at Langney Point, Eastbourne on 21st June.


There have also been catches of dover sole, mostly at night and generally from the shoreline at Pevensey Bay/White Horses, like the two sole (largest 1lb 4¼oz) caught in Pevensey Bay during an Anderida match by Trevor Rooney pictured below. For local shore fishing mark information Click Here


Shore Caught Bass - 12th June 2017

In recent weeks there have been catches of Bass day and night off local beaches. Darren Chapple is pictured left with a 7lb 1oz bass caught on 6th June off Eastbourne, and Peter Cornwell right with a nice bass caught on 12th June off Eastbourne.



 Plaice, Dover Sole, Bass, Smoothound, Mullet - more summer species starting to show - 1st June 2017

There have been plenty of nice plaice and good sized dover sole being caught off local beaches during the day recently, alngside other summer species starting to show.

Pictured (below left) is Gerald Sargeant  with a 45cm plaice of 2lb 9oz caught in a charity beach comp last Sunday, and also pictured is junior angler Ollie Franks with a  42cm dover sole caught in the same match.


There have also been plenty of small smoothound, and some larger ones around the 7lb mark, like the one of 7lb 12½oz  pictured below from Wesley Sargeant caught last week during a Nomads Beach Fishing Comp and returned to the sea alive. 


Plently of small bass are also being caught, and the occasional sizeable one like the one pictured below caught by Peter Cornwall (below left) last week and entered into the Anglers Den Bass Catch and Release Comp for May.  Remember current restrictions mean that all bass need to be returned to the sea alive.

Also pictured (below right) is Ash Cornish with a lovely mullet  caught locally on lug about 30 yards out last Sunday - mullet usually take ragworm fished around the pipes or bread off the rocks or harbour, so this was quite an unusual catch with lug off a local beach.


Plaice and Bass off Eastbourne and Pevensey Beaches - 21st May 2017

Several reports of locally caught plaice this week - pictured below (left) is Tony Fitch with a 2lb plaice caught in Pevensey Bay and also Michael Moule (right) with a 1lb 8oz plaice caught at Langney Point on smelly frozen lug. Great to see .

 Also pictured right is Taffy Lewis with  a bass caught night fishing at Holywell which has been entered into the Anglers Den May Bass Catch and Release Competition - details Here  - Well done Taffy.


Thornback Ray!! Langney Point, Eastbourne - 20th April 2017

Another locally caught thornback ray, this one 7lb 8oz and caught by Dave Moule on bluey bait at Langney Point. Well done Dave

More locally caught Thornback Ray Normans Bay/Cooden - 16th April 2017

Pictured below (left) is Jim Whippy with the thornback ray he caught at the Woodyard, Cooden on Saturday, and also (right) Joe Plumstead with the 3lb 9oz thornback ray caught at Alice's Pipe, Normans Bay in the Pevensey Bay Angling Club beach fishing comp on Sunday 16th.  Thornback ray continue to be caught in increasing numbers from Eastbourne/Pevensey beaches! Happy Days.



Thornback Ray - 13th April 2017

Dennis Puttock caught this cracking 7lb 13oz ray last night off a local beach, with another angler catching a PB ray of 5lb 8oz in the same session.  Thornback ray have been increasingly caught off Sussex beaches and many local anglers are keen to be the first to catch a ray in double figures!!



10lb Shore Caught Bass, Cooden - 17th Sept 2017

Glyn and Kev from Anglers Den fished the Bexhill Festival of the Sea Bass Competition on Sunday evening

Thornback Ray Eastbourne April 2017

Thornback ray have been caught in increasing numbers over the past few weeks off Eastbourne beaches

Plaice Eastbourne & Pevensey Beaches March 2017

Large numbers of sizeable plaice have continued to be caught for weeks now off local Eastbourne and Pevensey beaches.

Plaice Galore Eastbourne Pevensey Beaches Feb 2017

Darren Chapple​ sent us some fantastic pictures from a session spent beach fishing for plaice with his family

Plenty of flatfish off beaches this February 2017

Plaice, flounder and dab are being caught aplenty off the shoreline this February.

Mix of species in Beach Angling Comps - Jan 2016

Beach anglers are seeing flounder, dab, pout, ling and early season plaice starting to show along the Sussex coastline.

Eastbourne Boat Cod Championship - 27th Dec 2016

Eastbourne Boat Cod Angling Competition 2016 took place in lovely flat calm conditions and biggest fish wins.

Pollack Pevensey Beach - Dec 2016

Gerald Sargeant set a new Anderida Beach Fishing Club record today with this 1lb 7½oz pollack off a Pevensey beach.

Taff Lewis Cod, Eastbourne - 5th Nov 2016

Taff Lewis fishing off Eastbourne seafront today caught this cracking 9lb Cod.

Late Season Bass, Pevensey/Eastbourne, Oct 2016

Bass still being caught off the local shoreline, a sign of the late season this year.

Mackerel still plentiful for Lucas, 30th Oct 2016

Keith Edmundson chose Langney Point last weekend as the venue for son Lucas'(6 yrs) second ever beach fishing trip, with very positive results :)

Flatfish galore, Mackerel, Eastbourne, Oct 2016

Glyn went plaice fishing at Langney Point with his daughter Kate, and the result was action packed right from first cast.

Mackerel, Sole, Plaice, Bass Pevensey Oct 2016

Mackerel, Dover Sole, Plaice and Bass off the Eastbourne/Pevensey Shoreline - 18th Oct 2016

Shore-Caught Thornback Ray, Eastbourne Sept 2016

Glyn Morgan caught this fantastic thornback ray off an Eastbourne beach last week

Dover Sole, Plaice, Bass Eastbourne Sept 2016

Recent reports of catches of dover sole, plaice and bass off Eastbourne beaches

Eastbourne Sovereign Harbour Boat Catch News

Cousins Ben Hardman and Donnie Cecil, both aged 10, had a great day afloat with their granddad Jim Whippy aboard his boat 'Lucky G'out of Eastbourne.

Misty Blue Angling Charters - September 2016

August catches aboard Misty Blue included several good sized Rays and Turbot, and this 2lb 4oz Cuckoo Wrasse

Shore Caught Bass Pevensey 3rd September 2016

Bass from the Shore- 3rd September 2016

Taffy's Fantastic Bass, Shoreham ,19th August 2016

Local angler Taffy Lewis caught this truly magnificent 15lb 12oz bass from Shoreham Arm in rough conditions

Mackerel Langney Point, Pevensey Bay, Normans Bay

Shoals of Mackerel off the shore at Langney Point, Pevensey Bay, Normans Bay - July 2016

Mackerel - Langney Point Eastbourne 24th July 2016

Mackerel - Langney Point, Eastbourne - 24th July 2016

Thornback Ray Eastbourne July 2016

Thornback Ray being caught off Eastbourne Beaches July 2016

Amanda's Dover Sole - 2nd July 2016

Amanda Barnes caught this lovely 42cm dover sole off the beach by The Kiosk in Pevensey Bay

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